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Mumsnet ............................LOVE IT!

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Northerner Tue 08-Jul-03 16:27:13

I only joines Mumsnet a couple of months ago and have made a few posts, and I must say I LOVE IT. I'm totally addicted and sit merrily reading posts when I should be working. My job is quite boring and I sit opposite 'Ann the man' who is the most miserable person I have EVER come across. So Mumsnet is a breath of fresh air to me. The tips and advice is invaluable and the heated posts are entertaining. I thinks it is easier to say things on the internet, and some people are probably more forthcoming with opinions than they would be in a face to face situation. It is easy to be opiniated on sites such as Mumsnet as you are 'invisible' and once you log off you do not have to live with the concequences of what you have said and how it may have upset someone. So please folks, don't over react and take things out of context. Let's just enjoy a healthy debate and respect the fact that people will have different opinions. Isn't that what we'd all teach our kids?

doormat Tue 08-Jul-03 16:28:27

Here here Northerner well said.

Frenchgirl Tue 08-Jul-03 16:33:59

Northener, I think I used to work opposite 'Ann the man' too, most miserable person I ever met, moaned constantly, etc... Thank god you have mumsnet!

Boe Tue 08-Jul-03 16:34:46

Ann the Man - what is that all about??

I sit across from Debbie the preacher - she tells me she sees images from god and certain people are evil - I, though, she says, am a wonderful human - so think she must be nutty!!

Last job sat across from Paula the Lesbian Psychic (nothing against lesbians or psychics) but she used to tell me when I was thinking evil thoughts about people and smirked when I told her had nothing against homosexuals (she asked me if I had) just hoped she did not w**k over images of me - could not look her in the face after that!!

Agree with what you have to say about mumsnet - is hard to be objective sometimes due to what is going on in your life but debate is a good thing and I feel that I am more aware of a lot of issues since being a member.

Sorry if I have ever hurt anyone - I am getting divorced and fighting a custody battle, am particularly hormonal, have just started a new job and want to get married (again) and have a baby!!! Am not the most balanced girlie in the world!!

Northerner Tue 08-Jul-03 16:43:56

Ann the Man is so called because:

* Her hands her very big and man like
* She sounds like a man
* She burps and coughs like a man

We also get the impression that she does not like women very much, and criticises everyone in the office when they come back from lunch showing off their new exciting purchases - lipsticks, clothes, sunglasses etc. Another thing that really annoys me about her (and I'm on a roll now!)She does everything by the clock. She comes into work at exactly the same time every day, has fags at exactly the same time and lunch and coffee breaks etc. I've even noticed she goes to the loo at the same time every day. She hates change, and if anyone suggests a new way of doing things she goes on and on and on........ so as I sit opposite her I get the brunt of the moaning. Debbie the preacher sounds quite interesting, can we swap?!!!!

Boe Tue 08-Jul-03 16:49:05

Yes - you can have her - am not particularly religeous and she gets on my tits sometimes!!

Are you sure Ann is not an android???

Northerner Tue 08-Jul-03 16:50:25

Ann the android - I like it!

badjelly Tue 08-Jul-03 16:56:41

Love it too but generally dont post unless I feel I've got something reasonably valid to say then (more often than not) end up killing off the thread for one reason or another.

But saying that it certainly speeds the day up and makes coming into work for my lonely, boring job worthwhile - oh and it gives me a good giggle too!

Rhubarb Tue 08-Jul-03 17:47:24

I've been a bit harsh on Mumsnet too. It's easy to let your emotions get the better of you and type something whilst angry and upset. Then when you are thinking clearly, you wonder why you wrote what you did and if you can take it back! My new motto is to walk away and come back later!

But I love Mumsnet too!

SoupDragon Tue 08-Jul-03 18:23:04

I hate mumsnet*... it sucks my time away and keeps me from doing all the 101 things I should be doing!

I'm trying to wean myself off it. Unsuccessfully.

(* obviously I love it really or I wouldn't be here...)

CP Tue 08-Jul-03 18:45:44

I have to say, I enjoy it but don't post very often as most of the subjects are not my 'field'. I am a little concerned about all the upsets recently though and hope that we don't lose any of our fellow mumsnetters as we all have something valid to contribute. Lets raise a glass to whoever started the website shall we?

Bobsmum Tue 08-Jul-03 19:22:13

My problem with mumsnet is that our computer is in our junk room, so I have to plonk ds on the (very crowded) floor.

As his toys are usually all downstairs, while I'm online he has to make do with a free Top of the Pops ruler and a Christmas biscuit tin. If he's very good then he can play with an old tablecloth and the lid to our scanner.

Poor deprived boy, but happy mummy

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