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Powergen and electricity prices, just had a letter which reads like total gobbledigook

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lemonice Sat 06-Aug-05 10:35:08

It's a standard letter but is an attempt to keep customers even though they are hiking up prices.

It amounts to something along the lines of we are putting prices up (think it's 17% but may be wrong)but you can ask to have them capped at the increased price if you pay an extra 10p plus VAT a day (not sure if that's average)until Jan 2008.

And only if you are on a standard tariff...

It so happens that I have just changed from powergen and British Gas to Npower for both and according to the website I swapped through should save £227.00 a year.

I just wish that these prices weren't so impenetrable, they are getting like phone tariffs.

My next plan is to change my house insurance from Nationwide/Churchill to liverpool and Victoria which will halve the cost of that.

And move my business account from Natwest to Alliance and Leicester (who are free)

BigBumpBonnie Sat 06-Aug-05 10:40:36

Also just swapped from Powergen to N Power!! Got hijacked in the supermarket by N Power just after I got a whopping bill from Powergen so they caught me at the right time. It looks like I've done the right thing (for a change!)

kbaby Tue 09-Aug-05 20:46:58

Message withdrawn

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