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So why is Tracey Beaker in a home anyway?

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rickman Fri 05-Aug-05 17:56:14

Message withdrawn

hercules Fri 05-Aug-05 18:00:26

Her mum didnt want her and so Tracey concocts romantic stories about her being in Hollywood.

RTKangaMummy Fri 05-Aug-05 18:20:19

Tracey calls it the DUMPING GROUND

DS loves those books and TV show

peaceandlight Fri 05-Aug-05 18:26:30

ds1 is an addict too
we have seen all the episodes a million times over and he never tires of it!

HondaDream Sat 06-Aug-05 12:29:11

just seen this thread. My kids love it but I have had to explain about childrens homes and fo stering etc. I don't like it but I think the format of her fantasy world in cartoon really appeals to kids.

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 12:46:20

my kids are hooked too. Sometimes I think they wish they could be dumped as it seems so idylic!

AlmostAnAngel Sat 06-Aug-05 13:25:04

her mum is actually an actress [well stunt double]and in the film ..out on video/dvd it was on tv she comes back and blah blah blah,,gives tracy her blesssing to go live with cam [foster mum]..........i know this as have 2 of my dds obbsessed with jaquerline wilson! the authhor of the books

paolosgirl Sat 06-Aug-05 14:10:38

Does anyone else have a problem with this programme, or am I turning into an old fogey? My (nearly) 8 year old son is coming out with the attitude and backchat, all courtesy of the TB script.

mumtosomeone Sat 06-Aug-05 14:28:46

sorry but it could be due to the fact he is turning 8!!!!

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