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Hattie05 Fri 05-Aug-05 12:11:15

then discuss it here.

Do not feed the idiot what they want. It wants attention or it wants to upset a sister. Either way you will be giving it all it wants by continuing to post on that thread.

snafu Fri 05-Aug-05 12:12:36

Hattie, are you my old headmistress?

snafu Fri 05-Aug-05 12:15:37

Fwiw, I have absolutely no interest in that thread, as it is clearly a wind-up. I am, however, interested in why you feel obliged to tell other posters which threads they should and should not be posting on. Do I really have to remind you that this is an open forum?

Hattie05 Fri 05-Aug-05 12:41:14

I don't feel i have the right to tell you where to post.

But i do think it is really pointless feeding trolls what they want all the time.

If people hate this trolls and want them to stop ruining this site, they should just ignore them, its pathetic.

Hattie05 Fri 05-Aug-05 12:42:13

As i see gobbledigook has just mentioned on the other thread. Are you going to accuse her of forgetting its an open forum and being a headmistress also!

Hattie05 Fri 05-Aug-05 12:44:01

Come on snafu are you going to have a go at everyone else who wants the thread stopped? or just me?

Gobbledigook Fri 05-Aug-05 12:44:32

snafu Fri 05-Aug-05 12:44:56

Er, but you did tell me where to post. You even started a shiny new thread, just for me for to post on, apparently.

And, fyi, I don't hate trolls and I don't think they are ruining the site. Generally I find them pretty unimaginative, now and then they can be amusing. Maybe you should direct your efforts towards those who are getting their knickers in a twist over on 'that' thread?

snafu Fri 05-Aug-05 12:46:42

I'm not having a go at anyone. I simply made the point that I don't like being told where to post. What exactly is your problem? You started this thread, not me!

batters Fri 05-Aug-05 12:58:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thud Fri 05-Aug-05 12:58:57


snafu Fri 05-Aug-05 12:59:59

Please don't post on this thread anymore. You'll only be giving me what I want.

hercules Fri 05-Aug-05 13:23:10

Gawd, I hate being told not to post.

Tinker Fri 05-Aug-05 13:25:31


Tinker Fri 05-Aug-05 13:26:12

Don't even know what's going on

dinosaur Fri 05-Aug-05 13:27:11

Yes, we must deny snafu the oxygen of publicity

nailpolish Fri 05-Aug-05 13:28:16

lol at you tinker!

what IS going on? is this not a personal attack? using snaf's name to start a thread to have a go at her? hmmm

Norash Fri 05-Aug-05 13:28:45

This is what's going on

suzywong Fri 05-Aug-05 13:32:54

has this thing kicked off yet?

Norash Fri 05-Aug-05 13:33:44

OOOOHhhhh! Suzywong you bad!

snafu Fri 05-Aug-05 13:36:57

I hope everyone is as confused by this as I am

nailpolish Fri 05-Aug-05 13:37:35


what a horrible thread that is over there

nailpolish Fri 05-Aug-05 13:38:54

why did you get picked on snaf?

Norash Fri 05-Aug-05 13:51:10

Snafu (to original poster): Feel better now?

Hattie05 (in general): DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD

Let it drop off in case there is a genuine sister who will come on and be gutted to read this.

Snafu: oooh, there's nothing that makes me want to post more than someone telling me not to...

Snafu: I really think you should all be over on my 'special' thread, set up specifically to discuss this thread without fear of hurt or reprisals

Ooops. Sorry, hattie.

So Hattie05 started the thread.

nailpolish Fri 05-Aug-05 13:54:14

bit feeble if you ask me, to start a thread on that alone

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