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Where do you buy your school uniform from ?

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golds Fri 05-Aug-05 10:09:36

In the past, I have bought my dd skirts from Next and ds trousers from Adams.

This year money is a very tight and I have seen that ASDA appears good value (I could get both uniforms out of my family allowance) I have absolutely no problem with buying from ASDA and would like to know if they are good value for money or will I have to end up buying more come October because they have fallen to bits.

What represent good value for money in your opinion ?????? I need to get this right as I can't afford to keep buying.

Hausfrau Fri 05-Aug-05 10:15:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vickiyumyum Fri 05-Aug-05 10:18:05

have never brought the asda one apart from trousers which my ds put the knee through quite quickly, but this may just have been coincidence that he just happened to be wearing asda trousers if you see what i mean.

i normally buy the uniform from marks and spencers and i have noticed this year that it has come down on price quite a lot, in fact i'm sure that it is about the same price as asda, polo shirts about £3-4 trouser for £4 skirts for £3-4 etc, don't know about the jumpers as my ds has to wear ones form the school.

PeachyClair Fri 05-Aug-05 10:40:06

I swapped from Asda to M&S because the Asda trousers lasted three days exactly. I buy one set now if I am broke (I will be!) and another set next month- I have two to buy for, that ends up with enough clothes (five shirts each, three trousers, jumpers from school shop) to see them through until Summer uniform

iota Fri 05-Aug-05 10:43:13

Have bought trousers from M&S Tesco BHS Mothercare and John Lewis and they all lasted well

M&S have the best polo shirts though - the JL ones went very stretched and grey.

serenity Fri 05-Aug-05 11:15:42

We bought jumpers and shirts from ASDA last year and they were fine, we've had school trousers from all over the place (DS wears navy ones, which seem to be impossible to find) and I haven't yet found any that he doesn't go through the knee in!

geekgrrl Fri 05-Aug-05 11:18:11

I buy polo shirts and socks from Asda, they always seem fine and last. I've only got dds in school so can't tell you about their trousers, the soft pinafores and skirts are a bit cheap and nasty and go bobbly after many washes.

TinyGang Fri 05-Aug-05 11:18:50

Woolies usually. In the past they have had a 3for2 offer (going this afternoon to see if they are doing it this year too). The clothes have been good I think and not expensive.

pabla Fri 05-Aug-05 11:25:12

My dd has had skirts from Asda -they have lasted ok but don't look as good as M&S ones after a few months (but haven't fallen apart.) Ds is just starting school in September and I know from talking to other mums that boys tend to go through trousers quickly so i don't want to buy expensive ones. I just got some in BHS - two for £10 - hadn't got around to going to my nearest Asda so don't know how that compares to their prices. I wanted ones with elastic waist and no zips/buttons as they do PE 4 times a week and I know it takes them ages to get changed at the start.

fqueenzebra Fri 05-Aug-05 11:27:17

Sainsbury's is selling theirs for 25% off, works out cheaper or about the same as Woolie's offer (and I like the styles of the ones in Sainsbury's better).

fqueenzebra Fri 05-Aug-05 11:27:38

ooops, theirs=all school clothes, I think, but I was thinking of trousers, esp.

charliecat Fri 05-Aug-05 11:42:52

In sainsburys they are doing 2 polo shirts for 2.25

KBear Fri 05-Aug-05 11:44:05

I bought DD ASDA pleated skirts which lasted her two years as they stayed in such good condition, pleats stayed in perfectly. I have bought new ones this year - £4 each. The M&S ones I saw were £12 each and that adds up when you're buying three! Blouses from Woolies or Adams cos they're the only blue ones I can find!

Lonelymum Fri 05-Aug-05 11:44:54

If you are looking for grey trousers or pinafore dresses, please consider my ad in the for sale section. I have hardly used stuff left over from when we moved house earlier in the year and I am desperate to sell. No offence to Asda clothes (which I buy myself) but much of my stuff for sale is from M&S whose quality is, I think, superior to Asda.

golds Fri 05-Aug-05 12:26:18

Thanks everyone, will do some investigating. I must say, everytime I have bought dd skirts from Next, they are brilliant quality and last all year.

Lonelymum, thanks I have looked at your add, but the ages are the opposite to what I need. dd 7-8 and ds 4-5, thank you anyway.

dd is joining juniors, where her cousin is and her cousin (age 10) had convinced her that when you get to juniors it isn't 'cool' to wear a skirt, dd will now only wear trousers. Will be having words.

geogteach Fri 05-Aug-05 20:04:52

Can I ask has anyone seen grey shirts anywhere (I think they are horrible, but at least they won't show the dirt as much), ASDA didn't have them today but haven't looked very seriously elsewhere.

bigdonna Fri 05-Aug-05 20:07:20

i buy from asda,m+s,bhs,matalan i find no matter how much my sons trousers cost they only last 2mths at most.i buy 5 pairs knowing that after a month we will be down to 4 etc.i have bought his jumpers and trousers in m+s this summer and some skirts in m+s for my dd.i also picked up 2 skirts in allders sale for £1 each.

JulieF Fri 05-Aug-05 23:27:11

Whilst she has been in nursery I have been able to get away with getting dd's pinafores from ebay and her polo shirts from Asda, just the sweatshirt from the official supplier. I don't rate Asda's pleated skirts, they don't keep their shape and usually I am a real fan of Asda clothes.

Once she moves into reception it will all have to come from the official supplier apart from her blouses. Ds will be easier when he goes to school as the trousers can come from anywhere. Apparently I have heard M & S is good.

pabla Sun 07-Aug-05 19:07:34

I had a flyer in my local paper from Tesco - their stuff looks very reasonable. I think they had boys trousers in their basic range starting at £2! I must try to nip over there this week to take a look.

HappyMumof2 Sun 07-Aug-05 19:09:06

Message withdrawn

basketcase Sun 07-Aug-05 19:10:26

Sainsburys and Woolworths.
For value for money, washing well, looking good.

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