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Do you buy uniform with the school logo on or not ???

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nutcracker Fri 05-Aug-05 09:44:41

My kids don't have to have uniform with the logog on, they can just have plain royal blue jumpers or cardigans etc.

So if you have the choice too or not, do you ??

coppertop Fri 05-Aug-05 09:47:13

Nope. At ds1's school they have the option of jumpers with the school name on it. They cost 3 times the price of plain jumpers so I don't bother.

charliecat Fri 05-Aug-05 09:47:36

I did buy them for dd1s first reception year but dont anymore ..they are 13 quid each
The only ones dd2 will start school with are dd1s hand me downs and normal green cardys and jumpers.

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 09:48:18

Yes I do. Although the school doesn't have cardigans with logos so have to buy them from anywhere I can really.
I like the logo as it shows what school they go to and would help if they ever got lost etc. Also think it looks smart.

Kidstrack2 Fri 05-Aug-05 09:48:23

I only buy one logo sweatshirt for my ds because they are over priced and crap quality. And I buy a plain navy sweatshirt or jumper from Bhs/Marks which in my opionion is a lot better quality. His school also do the logo poloshirts but again I buy a 2pk for 4.00 from marks and they last a full term!

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 09:49:14

Kidstrack - how on earth do you last with 2 shirts? My ds has about 10!

charliecat Fri 05-Aug-05 09:50:31

Oh yeah, BH has just reminded me, I also prefer the non logo ones as I have a mentally ill brother and I would prefer he didnt know what school the kids went to as Ive had a few embarrasing moments ripping DD1s jumper off as Ive saw him coming towards us.

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 09:51:37

Are you being serious charliecat?

charliecat Fri 05-Aug-05 09:53:17


LilacLotus Fri 05-Aug-05 09:53:41

no, because DD is in nursery and she will just wreck them with paint etc and they are a lot more expensive than the plain ones. half the kids in her nursery don't even wear a uniform and in reception most wear plain jumpers too.

Kidstrack2 Fri 05-Aug-05 09:54:02

He only wears poloshirt 2days and shirts 3days. The poloshirt days are gym days to help them change easier so its just shorts they are changing and not shirts to poloshirts. So I buy a 2pk of poloshirts and 2pk of shirts from marks and I buy a spare shirt single from Bhs. And they last the full term too!

nutcracker Fri 05-Aug-05 09:54:37

I prefer them to have the logo ones but as you say they are so much more exspensive and this year they both need 2 new ones each so thats £52 all together.

fqueenzebra Fri 05-Aug-05 09:56:53

Our school uniform costs £7 for jumper/shirt. At start of year I only bought one shirt+one sweatshirt each, especially as they were very much too big for my small DS1. But the Friend's Society sells off "lost property" (school logo) jumpers at the end of the year: £1 each! The older sizes tend to be very worn out, but the smaller sizes were in good/almost as new nick.

So, funny enough, DS now has quite a lot of them.

nutcracker Fri 05-Aug-05 09:58:13

Think i might just get them a logo cardi each and then a plain one each too.

They both want ties this year too, have no idea how much those are.

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 09:58:38

Sorry I didn't mean to come across as insensitive Charlie {{{{{xxxxx}}}}}

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 09:59:46

That sounds a sensible way to so it Kidstrack

Iamalsohairyhercules Fri 05-Aug-05 10:00:10

we have to.

charliecat Fri 05-Aug-05 10:01:23

>>>>Its ok...but you know how rubbish schools are for security and as he is my brother and the kids do know its just for me to feel safer. He would never click what I was up too with the jumpers BTW...just in case you think he might..he definetly wouldnt.>>>

Get off nuttys thread now

Blossomhill Fri 05-Aug-05 10:04:08

I just didn't realise and feel awful.

charliecat Fri 05-Aug-05 10:05:40

Dont at all BH

Kidstrack2 Fri 05-Aug-05 10:07:09

I would love ds to have all the logo schoolwear but its so crap quality, they are trying to use a new company to improve the quality but it won't happen this term. The jumpers are 12pound and for a poloshirt its 7.50 its so overpriced. Most of the other kids in ds class are the same they have one logo sweatshirt and maybe the poloshirt. I did feel bad last term when he was the only one without the logo poloshirt but then I had the other mums complaining that thiers had washed out of shape and by the middle of term last year all the kids had plain polos on so I don't feel bad at all this year as I know most of them will have the plain ones.

Hausfrau Fri 05-Aug-05 10:07:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mosschops30 Fri 05-Aug-05 10:09:52

Message withdrawn

charliecat Fri 05-Aug-05 10:13:26

The new expensive jumpers kill the nice clean polo shirts with that just me?

Kidstrack2 Fri 05-Aug-05 10:22:06

Just wash them through before use and that should stop the fluff.

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