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Shipping costs USA to UK

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CHOCOLATEPEANUT Thu 04-Aug-05 19:46:52

Anyone know the answer to this?

I have discovered a fab kids shoes site but they are in Alabama,USA.They do ship to UK but only give quote AFTER you have placed an order.

Is it likely to costs loads?

Ameriscot2005 Thu 04-Aug-05 19:50:13

You can try to figure it out for yourself at the US Postal Service website, or the website of whichever service they use.


NomDePlume Thu 04-Aug-05 19:50:17

It depends, I suppose. You can get a shoe-box size/weight parcel over the USA with royal mail for about £5, not that that helps you.... Sorry ! I do think it is incredibly off of them not to tell you about shipping costs. Have you tried emailing them and explaining that your order depends on the cost of shipping ? I suspect that if they thought you were taking your business elsewhere they'd get back to you asap with the quote!

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