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Anxious child starting school in September - Help!

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Lizann Mon 07-Jul-03 12:33:49

My DS who has just turned 5 will be starting school in September. He went to pre-school for one year and it took him quite a while to settle in (and even then we had some very bad mornings throughout the year). He's quite clingy and still very babyish but does mix well with other children (eventually!). I've done all the 'right' things to prepare him for school - he's already quite familiar with the school as his brother goes there and he has met his new teacher (and seemed to like her). On the one hand he seems quite excited about it but then again he becomes very clingy and starts to fret about things and become anxious about how long he'll be there and what time I'll collect him etc. I'm not sure if I should keep talking about school or just not mention it at all until he's about to start. If any of you have gone through a similar experience I'd be grateful for your advice on how to make things less stressful in September.

SoupDragon Mon 07-Jul-03 12:49:08

The school DS1 is going to has a timetabled settling in period but they will adapt it to each child's specific needs - if your DS is not settling, I'm sure the school will work a strategy out.

I'd keep mentioning it and answer all his questions to reassure him that you won't forget to fetch him. Remind him how his elder brother goes there and enjoys it, show him the time on a clock when you go to fetch his brother, use his brother's time away to show him how long he'll be there...

I hope it all goes well

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