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Anyone know how you find out what is in the will of a person who has just died?

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Tanzie Thu 04-Aug-05 16:48:02

And how you go about challenging it, if necessary?

CountessDracula Thu 04-Aug-05 16:50:59

this might help

I think you have to contact the solicitor and wait for the reading of the will

Tanzie Thu 04-Aug-05 16:59:35

Thank you, CD, that's helpful. Without wishing to appear a grabbing bitch, my uncle died recently and a woman we had never met before (but had heard of - she was the daughter of his and my late aunt's friend) suddenly appeared on the scene. She got power of attorney when he went into a home (he had Alzheimers, among other things), sold his house (which had to be done) and all of the personal things like my aunt's and my gran's jewellery have "disappeared". I asked this woman for some photos and she just gave me a few scanned in ones of my aunt and uncle with her parents. I'd have liked their wedding photo, for example, but no sign of this. She also kindly gave me a photo of my uncle which had been taken after he had died (unbelievable and shocking), and left the funeral laughing, while my Mum and I were left in the pouring rain and had to call a cab.

Her daughter is a solicitor and appears to be handling the will. I think it's all very fishy.

jampots Thu 04-Aug-05 17:12:27

You can get a copy of any will that has gone to probate from the local Probate Registry. You need: full name, date of death, place of death. Its about £5. Good luck.

Tanzie Thu 04-Aug-05 19:24:27


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