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Message for nailpolish

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moozoboozo Thu 04-Aug-05 14:03:10

Wsant being pissy in the last thread. Honest. Sorry If I offended you

[head bowed in shame emoticon]

nailpolish Thu 04-Aug-05 14:08:08

its fine! dont worry about it. just let me know about the ring when you get it! xxx

moozoboozo Thu 04-Aug-05 14:10:03

When and if!!!!

(Sorry about that was being paranoid, and I hate upsetting folk! x)

nailpolish Thu 04-Aug-05 14:11:28

take a chill pill moozoboozo, <<kisses and makes up>> its fine honest. promise me you will ask him!

moozoboozo Thu 04-Aug-05 14:13:13

Mmm, I'll think about it!!! The only problem is though is that I'll have to get ratarsed first, and then he probably will think I'm joking

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