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My mum's car was ambushed!

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Springchicken Thu 04-Aug-05 12:31:59

Mum came round for dinner last night, left at about 8.45 for home, her house is litterally a 3 minute drive from ours.
She was feeling realy tired so i asked her to ring me when she got in so i could make sure she was OK. Anyway, she rang about 10 minutes later to say she was home and fine and would see me this tomorrow.

I've seen her this morning and it turns out she was driving home last night when she heard an almighty bang, stopped the car cos she thought someone has gone in the back of her but there was no-one behind her, checked and there was definitely no-one in front either. Edged out slowly to the junction and as there was a car coming down the road she waiting til it had passed when she heard it again. Starting to get worried she looked around and saw about 12 kids all with hoodies on standing up an alleyway launching things at her car.
She had to drive past them to get home so as she went home drove past really slowly and looked at them, then they started a full blown ambushed on the car.

She said she thought about getting out of the car but thought the better of it (we live in Luton btw) and drove home. She rang the police to report it really from the point of view that they could've caused a serious accident as it's quite a busy road and cars pick up a bif ot speed.
Police said they had a few incidents called in already and they had a car out looking for them. they would send someone round to my mums or to ring her for them to get more details but no-one did.

I am so . Mum said they were all of about 10 years old. The reason she didn't tell me when she rang was because she knew i would go out looking for the little bastards.
Sorry about the rant just makes me so . I hate people doing anything horrible or nasty toward my family

throckenholt Thu 04-Aug-05 12:42:39

that must have been so scary for her !

I think it is that sort of thing the police should follow up really quickly to nip it in the bud - scare the living daylights of the little blighters, before they start doing worse things and people get hurt.

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