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How RUDE!!! rant!!

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sparklymieow Wed 03-Aug-05 23:22:58

Today I took DD1 out with me to get my car MOT-ed and while it was in the garage we went shopping, anyway as we are leaving the house, Dd1 see the kids from 2 doors up and said "hello" about 5 times, they ignored her completely, now I know they are friendly with Apeman but there is no need for them to ignore a 5 year old FFS......... those kids are horrible and I don't like them myself, but they could have said Hello................

sparklymieow Wed 03-Aug-05 23:35:54

They were also playing football near my car and when we got back the football was near Dh's car and DD1 picked it up and said "i'll give it back to the kids" bless, I said to leave it as I didn't know whose ball it was..........

sparklymieow Wed 03-Aug-05 23:56:57

Don't let me kill another one of my threads, have killed about 4 already.........

rickman Thu 04-Aug-05 00:01:40

Message withdrawn

ScummyMummy Thu 04-Aug-05 00:02:46

Thay sound horrid, sparkly. How old are they? Hope dd wasn't too upset.

sparklymieow Thu 04-Aug-05 00:03:38

I don't even know their names, and TBH I couldn't care less, but she only said hello, all they had to say was hello.........

sparklymieow Thu 04-Aug-05 00:04:15

they are about 8 and 10

ScummyMummy Thu 04-Aug-05 00:06:17

Have you tried saying hello to them yourself? If they're the kind of kids who will acknowledge adults but not younger kids you could pretend to dd that their response to you was meant for her... Or you could just forget them as not worth the effort, of course. Hope you feel better about it soon, anyway.

sparklymieow Thu 04-Aug-05 00:07:05

The thing is they all look at us like they are better than us, but really they are all a bunch of CHAVS!!!!

sparklymieow Thu 04-Aug-05 00:09:21

they used to say hello, until all this kicked off with AM, then they started to ignore us, give us a bit of lip when they see us, thinking they are well 'ard, and using my car as a goalpost

Did see two policeofficers doing the 'beat' earlier though

sparklymieow Thu 04-Aug-05 00:14:54

and it wasn't that they didn't heard her, as the girl was standing right by my car with the football, what gets to me is we have a HUGE playing field just 20m up the road off the street and they all play in the street and use my car as a goalpost, PMSL yesterday when they did it as one of the kids had to get the ball from my front garden and stratched his hand on a thorn, that sounds really evil but when you hear a ball being repeatly kicked against your car and front door its not funny. I don't want to have a word with the kids as Apeman will come round and have a go at me again...........

sparklymieow Thu 04-Aug-05 11:36:31

Oo I was a cow last night

spacecadet Thu 04-Aug-05 12:22:11

dont let it upset you, i fell out with a friend and a couple of weeks ago she was vile and said something awful about my elder son within his earshot, some people are just pathetic, you will be gone soon.

sparklymieow Thu 04-Aug-05 12:23:17

I saw that SC, I just can't believe they totally blanked her

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