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what cheapie pressy would you get a posh couple that have EVERYTHING?

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meggymoo Wed 03-Aug-05 12:55:26

Message withdrawn

snafu Wed 03-Aug-05 12:57:09

What's the occasion?

Scatterbrain Wed 03-Aug-05 12:57:53

Bottle of Champagne !!! Best you can get for the budget - never fails !!!

morningpaper Wed 03-Aug-05 12:58:11

Plants are always welcome ... or wine?

nailpolish Wed 03-Aug-05 12:58:26

cant go wrong with a lovely malt whiskey or bottle of champers

aloha Wed 03-Aug-05 12:58:26

A plant for their garden, definitely. PPH recommended this and she knows.
An old-fashioned rose or something.

Janbo25 Wed 03-Aug-05 12:58:28

nice bottle of red, or port & stilton

motherinferior Wed 03-Aug-05 12:58:44


I know I always suggest this, but really you can't go wrong unless they're strict Muslims or recovering alcoholics or leading lights in the local Temperance League.

meggymoo Wed 03-Aug-05 12:59:50

Message withdrawn

snafu Wed 03-Aug-05 13:00:56

Champagne then

acnebride Wed 03-Aug-05 13:01:21

I would say definitely plant rather than champagne.

I'd go for an old-fashioned sweet-smelling climber like Albertine?

aloha Wed 03-Aug-05 13:01:28

Plant! Plant! Plant!
Topiary is always nice IMO. Or rose (David Austin roses are lovely and some have names that might suit - ie her name)
I am assuming they have a garden.

madmarchhare Wed 03-Aug-05 13:02:02

I think something for the garden is a great idea. They will be able to plant it and watch it grow and blossom like their love <yak>, but you get the idea.

aloha Wed 03-Aug-05 13:02:05

I LOVE Albertine - have it in my front garden and it smells fabulous. Very thorny though.

motherinferior Wed 03-Aug-05 13:02:36

<whispers> Some people don't like gardening Aloha...

acnebride Wed 03-Aug-05 13:02:41

Just like marriage??

aloha Wed 03-Aug-05 13:02:56

But everyone loves roses!

meggymoo Wed 03-Aug-05 13:03:12

Message withdrawn

snafu Wed 03-Aug-05 13:03:47

What about a clematis? You just bung 'em in a pot and let them grow like mad - no work.

Raindog Wed 03-Aug-05 13:03:50

You could buy them a wedding rose - we got a gorgeous white climbing rose called 'wedding rose' for our wedding and it was one of the nicest gifts we had.

motherinferior Wed 03-Aug-05 13:03:52

True. I am very partial to the roses my partner grows and am even more partial to sitting among them sipping champagne I realise, however, that a rose is a rose is a rose, and a lovely gift it is too.

nailpolish Wed 03-Aug-05 13:04:27

if she is pg take her chocolate

snafu Wed 03-Aug-05 13:04:35

Mmmmm, if they've just been overhauled you may be right. Acers are lovely though - we've got a huge one in the garden and it is stunning.

aloha Wed 03-Aug-05 13:04:51

beleive me, MI, champagne is always a Most Acceptable gift chez nooos.

meggymoo Wed 03-Aug-05 13:05:11

Message withdrawn

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