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Please help me find this book....

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ANGELMOTHER Sat 05-Jul-03 19:18:00

I have been told many times about a book by a Japanese buisnessman, former ceo of one of the big Japanese firms (I think Mitsubishi).
It's an Autobiography and try as I might I can't remember either Title or Author therefore impossible to find.......

Sorry about the ramble, hope someone understands me...
Thanks in advance

whymummy Sat 05-Jul-03 19:35:13

is it called crested kimono?

ANGELMOTHER Sat 05-Jul-03 19:35:58

OK I was being thick have found it Lee Iacoca ex-head of chrysler.........
Miracle I found it with the info I had..

janh Sun 06-Jul-03 12:01:55

How *did* you find it with the info you had???? Japanese head of Japanese car co ---> Italian-American head of American car co? I'm staggered!

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