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I'm feeling irritated

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rickman Tue 02-Aug-05 23:28:52

Message withdrawn

ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 23:29:59


rickman Tue 02-Aug-05 23:30:22

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 02-Aug-05 23:31:03


ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 23:32:03


rickman Tue 02-Aug-05 23:32:50

Message withdrawn

misdee Tue 02-Aug-05 23:34:48

if its the one i think it is, u have been waiting a little while havent you?

ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 23:36:50

if they said they sent it only 2 days ago then a heavy itme like that may take a few days to deliver unless it went fast delivery or something. Do you know what date they said they posted it at all?

rickman Tue 02-Aug-05 23:43:42

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Tue 02-Aug-05 23:51:56

Might just be chronically disorganised.

Regular poster?

rickman Tue 02-Aug-05 23:53:02

Message withdrawn

handlemecarefully Tue 02-Aug-05 23:55:23

Oh, maybe not looking so good then...

ilovehorses Tue 02-Aug-05 23:56:23

it does take 3-4 working days for a cheque to clear plus posting delays and a few days trying to pack it(it's not like sending a rattle is it). don't believe a fellow mn would do the dirty on you, give a few days. I don't think you have been conned, call it human imperfections.

rickman Wed 03-Aug-05 00:08:36

Message withdrawn

ilovehorses Wed 03-Aug-05 00:09:45

could you ring them at all?

rickman Wed 03-Aug-05 00:12:22

Message withdrawn

nightowl Wed 03-Aug-05 00:30:39

bubblerock Wed 03-Aug-05 00:40:18

Was it sent via courier? If it was then it should have arrived sooner than this IMHO - it's a pain waiting for stuff though isn't it? Hope it comes tomorrow!

rickman Wed 03-Aug-05 00:43:04

Message withdrawn

bubblerock Wed 03-Aug-05 00:44:22

Would be sods law! Let us know if it arrives

rickman Wed 03-Aug-05 10:23:23

Message withdrawn

ilovehorses Wed 03-Aug-05 10:25:31

that's naughty of them, hope you get it tomorrow.

handlemecarefully Wed 03-Aug-05 11:13:24

Any sign of it yet?

rickman Wed 03-Aug-05 11:16:13

Message withdrawn

ilovehorses Wed 03-Aug-05 11:25:21

who is the mumsnetter

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