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can I make suede shoes into leather shoes by polishing them?

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Lorien Tue 02-Aug-05 16:10:08

Any housekeeping whizzkids around? My DS starts primary school in September and I am having real trouble finding suitable shoes (leather school shoes aren't very common here in Malaysia, and most other people at the school tend to get their shoes overseas.)
Anyway, I have found a pair of suede shoes that fit. They are light tan, but If I polish them with dark tan shoe polish, will they end up looking like brown leather shoes? Or will they look a total mess? All advice gratefully received....

Chandra Tue 02-Aug-05 16:15:35

....I would say a mess, I suppose the difficult thing would be to keep the texture uniform as there would be some places less accessible in the shoes. Have you considered ordering a pair online?

Lorien Wed 03-Aug-05 03:13:04

Chandra, thanks for your reply. Yes...I fear you are right. Do you know where I might buy a pair of shoes online? Any web sites I could try?

Many thanks, Lorien

bobbybob Wed 03-Aug-05 04:07:47

I thought suede was inside out leather, so I think they would look a mess. how ridiculous for him to have to have shoes which aren't available...argh at the school on your behalf.

Chandra Wed 03-Aug-05 14:55:29

Lorien, the trick would be to find which country offers a good rate for postage to Malaysia. I could suggest English sites but I'm afraid the postage/time for delivery would be far more expensive than the shoes, and it is difficult to know if they will fit. Have you asked the school about places where you could find them? I guess that is not reasonable for the school to expect all the pupils to get their shoes abroad, there should be some place selling them.

starlover Wed 03-Aug-05 14:56:19

yes you can polish them.
my mum did this to a pair of beige suede sandals and it was fine!

Janh Wed 03-Aug-05 14:59:41

How suede are they? I mean are they the almost-fluffy kind or more like nubuck? I think you could put polish straight onto nubuck (I have done it) but if they have more pile, could you get one of those brushes with metallic bristles and try to scrub it away? Or maybe shave it with a razor?

Agree with bobbybob though, what a mad requirement!

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