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Ebay - selling wihtout a picture - is it worth it? Would you buy?

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lisalisa Tue 02-Aug-05 11:28:10

Message withdrawn

Lizzylou Tue 02-Aug-05 11:30:29

Personally, Lisalisa I haven't, but have never bought a "bundle" of clothes either and it would be hard to view all items if there are lots anyway!
I'd go for it and see what happens, you have nothing to lose if it doesn't sell.......

QueenOfQuotes Tue 02-Aug-05 11:30:36

I've sold loads of stuff without pictures, used descriptions carefully, and put in the blurb if they have any more questions to just ask - and then I make the answers 'visible' to all.

monkeytrousers Tue 02-Aug-05 11:31:21

I wouldn't but give it a go. You can always re-list.

bubblerock Tue 02-Aug-05 11:34:10

I wouldn't bother, I've never bought clothes without seeing a picture first.

lisalisa Tue 02-Aug-05 11:35:36

Message withdrawn

lunarx Tue 02-Aug-05 11:35:39

i have to be honest, as an ebay buyer, i wouldnt buy without a picture.. (its free to list one picture..)

if you offer something without a picture, i would make sure you add something in your post or desc/etc. about your return policy if person is unsatisfied....

good luck!

gingerbear Tue 02-Aug-05 11:38:54

How are you selling on ebay without a PC?

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 11:40:01

I buy most of dd clothes on ebay and I would never buy without a picture, if there isn't a picture I don't even click on the item to see the decription. I often don't bid if the picture isn't very good either.

gingerbear Tue 02-Aug-05 11:40:12

Ebay charge listing fees depending on the starting price. You are also charged another fee if the item sells.

lisalisa Tue 02-Aug-05 11:44:28

Message withdrawn

Nemo1977 Tue 02-Aug-05 11:52:00

lisa i wouldnt buy anything without a picture especially if seller has not sold before.
If you list something at 99p it will cost u around 15p to list...doesnt seem a lot but if you list a few things it adds up and you will probably end up underselling your clothes if you dont have pictures.

gigglinggoblin Tue 02-Aug-05 12:02:48

listing fee for 99p auction would be 15p, then you get charged a percent of the final fee and if you accept paypal they will take another chunk off you.

you can sell without pics but usually get a lower amount than you could. having said that i saw a top go the other day with a truly awful pic and description. pic just showed design on front of top so couldnt see style at all and description didnt tell you anything except it was by red herring. it went for over £8! was gobsmacked! no way i would pay that without knowing what i was getting.

good luck with it, is almost as addictive as buying!

Frieda Tue 02-Aug-05 12:17:07

I've just bought something which didn't have a picture - a Tamagotchi for ds (thought I might get it a bit cheaper, but not so!). Providing you've got a good feedback and describe it really well (possibly explaining briefly why no picture). If I thought I was getting a bargain, I'd be tempted!

lisalisa Tue 02-Aug-05 12:30:02

Message withdrawn

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 12:40:05

is this it?

bubblerock Tue 02-Aug-05 12:42:44

It's a good listing although postage might be a little high, did you weigh it? Don't forget to get proof of postage too - it's free and covers you up to £28 (IIRC) Also if you're going to be sending lots of bits of clothing out I would recommend buying mailing bags from Ebay, it works out very cheap and easy to use! Good luck, hope you get a good price.

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 12:43:25

The description is great but I don't think I would get as far as reading it though without a picture.

I also don't think that you need to put not Next or M&S, people will buy gap. I am always a bit suspicious of itmes listed like this as I think they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes.

Sorry if I have been harsh but other than that your description is lovely.

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 12:46:20

I also only list over three days as most people tend to wait until the last hour or so to bid anyway.

I think £1.50 for postage is ok people charge more - I do

Proof of posting is a good idea as well as it is free and you are covered then if people claim not to have recieved the item, naver had it happen to me but just as well to be sure.

I like you chatty informal style though

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 12:47:12

Good luck!

lisalisa Tue 02-Aug-05 13:14:53

Message withdrawn

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 15:20:47

I am sure it could be read as an honest attempt to widen your market, I must have a suspicious mind. Perhaps similar to... sounds better.

I am sure it will sell, gap clothes are lovely. Good luck.

oops Tue 02-Aug-05 15:24:49

Message withdrawn

lisalisa Tue 02-Aug-05 15:42:06

Message withdrawn

TwinSetAndPearls Tue 02-Aug-05 15:46:35

here is one of my selling pitches if it is any help!

I try like you to adopt a chatty informal style.

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