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Has anyone had Japanese permanent hair straightening done, called Yuko system?

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clucks Thu 03-Jul-03 21:36:45

Reading the hair straightening thread today, I wondered if anyone has had this treatment, I have put myself on the waiting list for this at their London centre, my turn comes up in November. I know of one person who's had it done and she says she looks like she's going to a movie premiere all the time. I'm not sure if I want straight hair permanently, but Jennifer Aniston hair would be nice, currently I am a definite frizz-ball. Also, when the hairdresser blowdries it straight you can see the grey more

clucks Fri 04-Jul-03 16:13:25

What? No mumsnetters have movie-premiere hair?

SoupDragon Fri 04-Jul-03 16:20:34

LOL! Definitely not!!

MUM2ELA Fri 04-Jul-03 16:24:33

I think my hairdresser offers the straightening thing you are talking about but I didn't know the name of it. It takes hours, costs quite a bit (couple of hundred?), but I rekon would be really cool.

I was going to have it done but as I am getting married 2 weeks today, thought I had better wait until after wedding & honeymoon!

clucks Fri 04-Jul-03 16:31:21

M2ela, congrats on your wedding, but as you always end up looking totally different on your wedding day as to ever again you might as well have had it. Where is your hairdresser? It's not compulsory to answer if you don't want to, BTW.

Jaybee Fri 04-Jul-03 16:44:10

Got dead straight hair anyway - no point really!!

Northerner Fri 04-Jul-03 16:53:36

I'm intrigued, and keen to find out more. I guess it'll grow out eventually and you'll end up with frizzy roots? - Am I right?!!

The thought of Jenifer Aniston straightness every day is v appealing. I will keep my eye on this thread for your comments.

clucks Fri 04-Jul-03 16:59:50

Yes, I've wondered what happens to the roots. I think they kind of give you a 'lift' and hopefully the straight ends weigh the hair down. Like I said, not sure if I want it, as I look older and greyer with straight hair and also need to know if you have to brush/blowdry it all the time. At the moment I get up and go (unfortunately, it looks like it too!)

expatkat Fri 04-Jul-03 17:40:05

clucks, I've looked into it & may do it one day. But they seem to recommend it for people who have not dyed their hair before, and I've been dying it for years. Have you heard this too?

clucks Fri 04-Jul-03 17:50:43

Expatkat, on one of their promotional leaflets which has before/after photos, nearly everyone has dyed hair with dreadful roots. Anyway, they do a consultation first at this place, I just don't have time to go right now and want to hear other people's experience.

I didn't think you were particularly frizzy at the Meet-up. Do you blow-dry?

expatkat Fri 04-Jul-03 18:59:25

Yes I do (usually) blow dry it but really have quite frizzy hair. Strangely the 2 pregnancies have tamed it somewhat.

I'm wondering about you, too, clucks--I found your hair quite "good" curly as oppposed to frizzy curly. I reckon that after so many yrs of straight hair being in fasion, textured hair is going to be the "thing" soon--so is it even worth it for us to do this?

grommit Fri 04-Jul-03 19:31:47

They showed this on 'This Morning' (yes - I work from hom )- the hair is permanently straight which means you can wash it and not need to blowdry. Costs quite a bit -£600 for shoulder length and will last about 10 months when the roots will have grown out. I would love to have this done but couldn't justify the cost!

katierocket Fri 04-Jul-03 19:55:09

I've just had a hair straightening treatment today. Can't remember what it's called but it wasn't the Yuko one and it certainly wasn't £600! I think it's a L'oreal - done by hairdresser anyway. he says it will just take the kink out and it's completely bone straight now (normally have horrid crystal tips hair). Anyway, he did blow dry it straight afterwards (which I can't do) so the proof of the pudding will be after I wash it myself!

Ness73 Fri 04-Jul-03 20:00:43

I had a non-Yuko one done once - sorry, useless as can't remember name - and was disappointed. I guess it kind of tamed the frizz somewhat but was certainly not in the Jenn A league. I have heard that you do need hair that has not been coloured/highlighted for the Yuko one. Not NEVER - just not the hair that's hair now (obviously).

I struggle with frizz all the time too. The best product ever for me is Aveda Purefume Brilliant Anti-humectant pomade. It says use a little but I use quite a lot! That and the GHD hair straighteners mentioned on another thread are my best bet.

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