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bloody computer!

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noddyholder Mon 01-Aug-05 17:27:16

my computer has crashed and although I have re installed windows by disc I have lost everything inc all my recent photos!I have spent all day on the phone and online only to be told they are irretrievable and i also have no sound.I can't stop crying about the photos xmas and ds's birthday parties etc and not backed upplease everyone back up your files as I never thought it would affect

Nemo1977 Mon 01-Aug-05 17:31:24

NH oh no pooor you, we haveall our photos on the computer and i keep telling dh to do a back up disc will nag him again later...

Tortington Mon 01-Aug-05 18:13:47

xxxxxxxxxxxxx sorry this happened to you noddy.xxxxxx

our puter blew up a few weeks ago with some photos on it - nowt right special but stil it was sad - am sorry xxxxx

kid Mon 01-Aug-05 18:25:57

Sorry to hear it happened to you too Noddyholder. I lost all my pictures recently so I know exactly how you feel. Did you ever happen to email any pics to anyone? They might still have them on their pc?
I managed to retrieve some this way.

noddyholder Mon 01-Aug-05 18:46:00

I did email a couple of birthday party ones so will try to get those thanks all for your kind words I feel so stupid tbh but I never have been the type to back things up so what can i expect,see you friday custy xx

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