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Help needed by mumsnetter hoping to start family-focused bookshop and cafe

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valleygirl Thu 03-Jul-03 20:23:09

Hi everyone

This is a plea for 5 minutes (or more if you have it) of your time with some research I am currently doing in my quest to start my own business.

I am doing a business course at the moment so I can get things started - my concept is a children's bookshop with a cafe attached - in addition to this would be a children's area where kids could be looked after by members of staff who would have child-orientated activities going on - reading, drawing, art and crafts, etc. Thus keeping kids entertained and happy which in turn leaves mums/ dads/nannies free to enjoy some peace or to meet up with friends and have a decent gossip.

I just need help with a quesionaire really and was wondering if ever-helpful mumsnetters could spare some time to help me out - after all it was after reading various threads on mumsnet and my own recent experience which made me realise that there's a real dearth of places for families to go eat and socialise without worrying that the kids are seen to be running wild by child-less customers.

If you could spare some time please e-mail me at and I will forward the questionaire.

Many thanks in advance

zebra Thu 03-Jul-03 20:25:50

You might want to see this previous thread , too.

valleygirl Thu 03-Jul-03 21:13:16

Does anyone know if Forest went any further with her plan to open a family friendly cafe? Would be very interested to hear how she got on, what put her off, what other's experiences since then have been - even if anyone knows of a similar project to the one I'm proposing......
Thanks to those who have e-mailed me - all others welcomed
I'll invite you all to the opening!
Free wine....

valleygirl Fri 04-Jul-03 09:48:44

thought i would bring this to the fore again this morning - i need about 15-20 respondents to make it a valid research tool - so far i've only got 3 - if you're a bit bored at work or willing to help someone get a new project off the ground it would be really helpful to get your feedback to my questionnaire - only takes 5 minutes

StripyMouse Fri 04-Jul-03 10:43:46

sounds a brilliant idea valleygirl and would love to help out - wish there was something like this near me. Just let me know how I can help.

valleygirl Fri 04-Jul-03 11:18:18

Hi StripyMouse
If you'd like to fill in the questionnaire then please do e-mail me at (if yuo haven't done so already)and I will forward it on to you - takes 5 mins and your feedback would be much appreciated.

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