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another ebay question im afraid.

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nightowl Mon 01-Aug-05 02:26:33

how long should you give someone to deliver an item before you complain?

as i said before im an ebay virgin really but all the other things ive bought have been delivered within days and absolutely fine.

ive waited two weeks for this item, i know thats not a long time but this guy has recently had some very bad feedback saying that items have not been received. i have politely contacted him twice requesting a date for delivery and he hasnt bothered to reply (no delivery time was specified on his account).

he has also had neutral feedback in the past saying what a shame it was royal mail let them down...alarm bells are ringing!!

throckenholt Mon 01-Aug-05 07:35:53

I would contact ebay and report him. Two weeks is a long time if he hasn't answered any of your emails.

If you paid by paypal then go through their conflict resolution process too (that often wakes them up quickly !).

Mail him to tell him you are doing this as a result of him not replying to your emails.

franke Mon 01-Aug-05 07:55:28

I would request his contact details from ebay first and give him a call. Don't leave it too long though - if you paid by Paypal you can claim back what you've paid within 30 days.

nightowl Tue 02-Aug-05 22:49:01

just went to report him through paypal, checked the item again and it says he is away until end of august 2006...erm hello? slip on the typing finger perhaps? (sure i never saw that there when i bought the item) how long have i got to complain? if i wait until then will it be too late? (aug 2005 i mean of course!!) hes since had some more negative and also some good feedback but they bought their items at the same time as me. so how is he away then i ask!!!!

nightowl Tue 02-Aug-05 22:51:03

sorry just re-read the posts, by the time he is supposedly back it will have been almost 30 days and too late to claim my money back? i think he's trying it on.

franke Wed 03-Aug-05 12:34:09

No that's no good at all. I think you need to get your claim under way. If he was selling stuff before he 'went away' he should have organised it so that everything got sent out before he went. It might be worth posting your situation on the ebay community boards before you go ahead with the claim to see what seasoned ebayers advise.

nightowl Fri 05-Aug-05 23:56:08

what the......? i put in a complaint through the paypal thingy a couple days ago. so ive just logged into my ebay and seen it says one item is waiting for payment. i looked down and it was this item. it was paid for as soon as i bought it!! i even had to put the paypal transaction number in to complain but somehow over the last day, "my ebay" thinks i havent paid for it...what on earth is going on?

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