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I did a carboot sale !!

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mummyof2 Sun 31-Jul-05 17:37:14

yesterday morning up at 6 all packed up and left at 7 with baby and toddler in tow as hubby was at work. Got rid of loads of crap and made myself £70 not bad for a mornings work i was home by 12. Was quite hard having a baby attached to my hip for 4 hours though!!

Lonelymum Sun 31-Jul-05 17:38:33

That's great.

As a possible car boot seller myself do you mind if I ask how much was the pitch and what sort of stuff did you have to sell?

mummyof2 Sun 31-Jul-05 17:42:08

it was £5 as i booked in advance.I sold loads of baby clothes and mine lots of toys and even more handbags,you know the saying one mans junk is another mans treasure!

charleepeters Sun 31-Jul-05 17:45:28

congratulations thats great! i need to get round to doing one but that means getting my big ass out of bed early!

Dior Sun 31-Jul-05 17:52:38

Message withdrawn

Lonelymum Sun 31-Jul-05 17:59:19

Do you price things in advance or do you jsut make up prices if people show an interest or do you get them to name their price (and then haggle upwards IYSWIM)?

kid Sun 31-Jul-05 18:03:36

When I did a car boot sale (ages ago) we priced items up but knew full well people would haggle the prices down. With that in mind, we put a higher price than we wanted, but still reasonable, so we weren't disappointed. I am hoping to do another one soon with a friend. Hope she has lots to sell, I tend to stick my bits on Ebay or throw / give them away.

purpleturtle Sun 31-Jul-05 18:08:10

I chickened out of car-booting. Am just too embarassed to ask for money for stuff I don't want any more. Witness my thread giving furniture away before we move! I have finally ventured into the selling side of Ebay though and made 3 sales. Yippee!

Dior Sun 31-Jul-05 18:15:05

Message withdrawn

vickiyumyum Sun 31-Jul-05 18:32:24

i did a car boot sale this morning. sold a load of kids clothes and baby toys, and a few videos that dh had replaced with dvds in his collection.

i made a fair bit but was quite disappointed as had always made at least £150 in previous car botts, but only made £80 this time, but should be grateful as am very skint so the cash will come in handy!

i normally don't price things up, just have a rough idea of prices in my head and then negotiate with the customer, depending on what they buy and how much they buy!

the only type of customers i don't like are the ones who pick up a pile of books/clothes and ask me how much and then when i've said my price say soemthing much much lower, because they are just trying it on. i usually stick to my price and they usually pay up in the end. i just say take it or leave it and they normally take it.

i have a fair bit of kids clothes left manily boys t-shirts which i am going to put on ebay as they are next and gap ones and i can normally get a better price on ebay. its just the car boot sale gets rid of the majority of it in a short space of time.

loulabelle222 Mon 01-Aug-05 10:49:21

sorry to be rude but how much do you sell things for? I have no idea? is it like 25p for a vest or something? I am sorting through the mounds of baby clothes that i have and havent got a clue what to sell things for!

clary Mon 01-Aug-05 11:15:55

I did a car boot a few weeks ago, pitch cost £8 and I made £120 which I was really pleased with.
Did find it hard to shift children’s clothes, people would say, oooh, 18-24mths, no, he’s only 12 mths so that’s not the size I need (grr!!)
Sold a lot of collectable bits, china, old singles, tapes etc.
Also any baby equipment went rapidly (baby monitor, old pushchair etc).
Louloubelle, I price things to sell, was selling clothes at £1 each or £1.50 for eg quitea nice Gap dungarees and T-shirt outfit.
Have never tried to sell vests etc as mine always so manky!
Did sell my dd’s old coat for £4 (but it was a very nice one) and jamas for £1 a pair I think.
I would say just think what you might be prepared to pay and remember that new stuff in Primark and Asda is very cheap so that's what people will be comapring to (even if your stuff is gap and boden iyswim!)

clary Mon 01-Aug-05 11:17:31

sorry llb, not saying that your vests are manky!!! mine have been worn by 3 children tho so showing their age....

vickiyumyum Mon 01-Aug-05 11:38:40

i would sell single items for between 50p and £1. i didn't bother selling babygro's and vests as i found they didn't sell vey well, but would probably have priced these between 20p and 50p.

i brought a cheap clothes rail from argos for £6 and hang outfits on this and sell those for between £3 and £5 each, as they are all next, gap etc they normally sell really well, in fact on several car boots i have had people argue over them and offering me more money to sell it to them! this was all with outfits aged 12-18, 18-24, 2-3. all in immaculate condition some still brandnew with tags as i always buy my kids too many clothes (as well as grandparents and aunts anf friends buying for them as well).
this time i only had clothes for older boys age 6-7, 7-8 and these didn't sell anywhere near as well. the lady that i had always sold to on previous car boots as her little boy is 6 months younger than my ds, asked where all my smaller boys clothes were and i had to admit i had sold them on ebay to make more money.

fqueenzebra Mon 01-Aug-05 13:07:24

I did a carboot sale for the preschool about 6 weeks ago and only made £18. I thought that was horrible but the people I was with thought that we did quite well; one chap predicted that I wouldn't sell any of the kid clothes. The other gal i went with was selling stuff for her holidays and she only made about £35 (which she thought was pretty good). We sold a decent double buggy for £5 -- last minute, so we were pleased that it went. We were selling kids' books & baby clothes (Tesco sorts, but good quality) for 5p each, 20p for toys or clothes toddler-5yo sizes. I sold a box of about 100 baby items for £3 to another carbooter (still had plenty more left over). I still have a few items that I think I will sell on Ebay for a lot more than I was ever going to get at the carboot. Before we left we gave unsold books and adult clothes away to the stall across from us as they were regular carbooters, as the guy who brought all our stuff in his trailer was determined to take any left-overs straight to the tip.

Was it very very busy where you gals (who netted £70 plus) were? We had steady passer-bys, but mostly not interested.

clary Mon 01-Aug-05 14:20:07

queenzebra my carboot was a regular big one on a sunday morning, full of grotty types but that was no prob, a lot of interest from 8am to 11am. My pal sold a bedguard right out of the car, I sold a set of reusable swim nappies for £5 as soon as I put them on the stall (3x £9 each new). Clothes and old shoes were tough to shift tho. I harangue any likely-lookign passer-by and bargain down.

vickiyumyum Mon 01-Aug-05 19:31:04

it was fairly busy, but i don't mean to sound snobby, there werea lot of rough ones about if you know what i mean! pushing kids still in their pyjamas in buggies who looked about 5,(this wasn't at 7a.m it was about 11a.m! and quite a few travellers, who wanted my clothes but didn't want to pay for them! i also had few people saying 'you must be amd to spend all this money on kids, only rich people shop at next' which i thought was highly rude.
i normally do the same carboot sale everyyear, but normally a couple of weeks earlier in the year and the clothes generally sell much better. i am going to assume that all my 'regulars' were on holiday!

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