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Making Playdough

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SPARKLER1 Sun 31-Jul-05 10:09:02

Never done this before but going to do it with kids in summer hols.
Just found this recipie:

2 cups flour - does it matter if plain of SR??
1 cup salt
2 tblsp cream of tartar
1 tablespoon oil (does it matter what type?)
red food colouring

I know I sound thick but have to get it right.

Blossomhill Sun 31-Jul-05 10:10:04

Is this one you don't have to cook? I hate the cooked stuff.

SPARKLER1 Sun 31-Jul-05 10:11:11

No you have to cook.

Says mix in pan
Cook over medium heat
Allow to cool and knead

Podmog Sun 31-Jul-05 10:12:17

Message withdrawn

Podmog Sun 31-Jul-05 10:13:06

Message withdrawn

basketcase Sun 31-Jul-05 10:17:02

I did one with baby lotion once - a recipe that was given by our toddler group supervisor. It was lovely - anyone heard of it and remember it as I would love to do that one again

SoupDragon Sun 31-Jul-05 10:41:32

Mix the food colouring with the water unless you want a marbled effect or lots of kneading

SPARKLER1 Mon 01-Aug-05 10:59:06

Thanks for the tips

KBear Mon 01-Aug-05 11:05:46

I've got three little darlings (9, 6 and 3) sitting to the dining room table playing playdough as we speak - guaranteed hours of fun. ( This is ELC stuff though not homemade).

This weather had better sort itself out - it is AUGUST not October.

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