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Pirate/nautical bed for ds - any suggestions?

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JennyB Wed 02-Jul-03 19:11:59

Has anyone seen any kind of pirate/galleon/nautical style bed plus other bedroom furniture for ds - I've been looking around for nearly a year!

aloha Wed 02-Jul-03 19:28:10

Wigwam kids have some incredibly expensive nautical things including a lovely boat shaped bookcase.

WideWebWitch Wed 02-Jul-03 19:35:25

There's this v.expensive US one , or here's some homely advice from UK style on how to DIY or order a bespoke UK one

SoupDragon Wed 09-Jul-03 08:12:06

That US one is absolutely fantastic! I want one!! The DIY one is really good too actually.

JennyB Sat 19-Jul-03 16:13:24

Thanks for the info but unfortunately the US one by Gaultier is no longer made. I do like Wigwam Kids but the wardrobes are quite small, but isn't the boat bookcase great!

pie Sat 19-Jul-03 17:16:00

There is one here and another one here . Though when they say ask for price it always seems to be a small fortune!!


hermykne Sat 19-Jul-03 20:49:21

i worked for a company who supplied the gautier bed and its still being made as far as i am aware.
kilcroney furniture was there name, they are in ireland, actually Bray , Co.wicklow but may have a UK link for you or one of display?? that you might get cheaper

JennyB Tue 22-Jul-03 16:37:28

Thanks Hermykne for the note. I will try to get the number of this company and ask - it was Gautier themselves who told me they no longer supplied the bed but I will take up your suggestions. Thanks for the other bits Pie.

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