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What's the best (and cheapest) way to send/receive faxes from my PC?

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franch Sat 30-Jul-05 16:17:02

I've set up my Tiscali account so that I can do this - they give you an 0870 number and you get the faxes in your email inbox, which is great. But in order to send faxes I have to pay a minimum of £10 into my account with them, which would allow me to send 100 pages - and as I only use faxes to communicate with my mum (and this is only temporary anyway), I'll never use that up.

I got a piece of software called PhoneTools free with my PC but it's now a bit old and doesn't recognise my broadband modem.

Is there another piece of software I should try - preferably a freebie or trialware or something? Any other suggestions?

franch Sun 31-Jul-05 21:35:02


franch Mon 01-Aug-05 15:29:09

one more bump .....

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