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Mouldy clothes

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geogteach Sat 30-Jul-05 10:04:02

Just got back from Delta summer school and discovered that some of clothes we bought back are mouldy, not come out in the wash, what is my next course of action

vickiyumyum Sat 30-Jul-05 10:06:28

bleach any white items. put bleach directly onto the mould and then wash on as hot a wash as the clothing will allow.

with any coloured stuff you can buy a stain devil for mould. i got mine from john lewis, as this happened to us when we got back from holiday some of the clothes from the washing pile had gone mouldy, mainly stuff that had got stains on from the kids that i had soaked on holiday and then put into the case still damp.

most of it came clean, but i did have to throw a few t-shirts away.

stitch Sat 30-Jul-05 10:13:13

chuck straight onto the compost heap.

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