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interior design experts - where do I hang the mirror for max., benefit?

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wassy Fri 29-Jul-05 15:10:41

I have a small room and a big mirror. Do I hang it near the window to reflect light into the room or on the dark wall away from the window to lighten up the wall which is in the shade? Problems we have to ponder!

Chandra Fri 29-Jul-05 15:11:33

Wherever it looks better considering the placement of the other furniture.

wordsmith Fri 29-Jul-05 15:13:45

Opposite the window as much as poss so the ight will reflect into the room

wassy Fri 29-Jul-05 15:16:32

I should have mentioned that it has to be either next to the window or kind of round the corner opposite the lighter wall which gets it's light from the window already. Complicated or what! But try and picture it if you can before I start drilling!

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