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How long does your washing machine take? (40 degree)

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wangle99 Fri 29-Jul-05 11:06:46

Had an electric bill yesterday and it was extortionate. Started thinking about what we ran alot and what could be eating electric.

Washing machine is on an awful lot (possibly 2/3 times a day). Commented to my Mum that it takes over 2 hours for an economical 40 degree wash which apparently is very unusual! Am now thinking that perhaps something is wrong and that is using waaaay too much electric.

Ours is an 'a' economical machine (Ariston make), about 5 years old now.

How long does yours take on a 40 degree wash? Going to time it exactly this afternoon and then phone customer care on Monday!


starlover Fri 29-Jul-05 11:07:56

takes about 40 minutes

kid Fri 29-Jul-05 11:09:09

no idea! Never bothered to pay attention to it.

tiredemma Fri 29-Jul-05 11:09:22

30 mins- hotpoint aquarius 1000, about 3 years old i think.

morningpaper Fri 29-Jul-05 11:10:34

Ours takes nearly 2 hours and that's on 'quick wash' - I have to have 'extra rinsing' though otherwise everything comes out covered in washing powder.

It's CRAP now I think about it....

Gillian76 Fri 29-Jul-05 11:11:46

2 hours ! Mine is an Indesit and takes about 40 mins. How do you manage 2-3 washes if they taks 2 hours each???!!!

QueenOfQuotes Fri 29-Jul-05 11:12:44

40 degree wash on our (5yr old) Servis washer/dryer takes about 50 minutes.

wangle99 Fri 29-Jul-05 11:13:02

Mmm think I'm going to phone customer care now, this isn't right!

How do I do it? One goes on before the school run, one goes on at lunch time and one goes on before bed! We have a strict routine of washing lol!

I'll let you know what they say. The bloomin thing is still going now 2.75 hours now

Lacrimosa Fri 29-Jul-05 11:13:42

I have a quick wash at 40 it takes 20 min, I also have a normal 40 wash it takes about 40 min

KBear Fri 29-Jul-05 11:13:56

Mine takes 1.06 minutes on the regular 40 degree cycle and 46 mins on the economy one.

I'm not sad enough to time it people, there's a little LED screen on it which counts down!

morningpaper Fri 29-Jul-05 11:14:29

By the way FRIDGES and FREEZERS if they are in hot garages etc. use up a lot of leccy at this time of year. Also fans and aircon.

Bear in mind that by the end of this year the average bill will risen by £200 in the last two years, due to energy price rises.

KBear Fri 29-Jul-05 11:14:29

You need to get a man in!

Ameriscot2005 Fri 29-Jul-05 11:15:06

38 minutes for Quickwash - 40 deg and 1600 rpm spin.

1:28 for timesaver regular wash

2:02 for regular wash.

This is for a LG 7kg machine.

KemalsStilletto Fri 29-Jul-05 11:17:13

mine takes about 2 hrs.....crap when i'm in a rush and need things drying, but if i'm in a rush i put it on a very fast spin unless the clothes are very dirty.

wangle99 Fri 29-Jul-05 11:19:22

Have just discovered my 5 year warranty is out of date TOMORROW!!!!!!

Am calling service centre lol!

CarolinaMoon Fri 29-Jul-05 11:19:27

1hr 10mins, according to the display -it is Bosch, A -rated

pepsi Fri 29-Jul-05 11:24:55

Ive got an AEG and the time for a 40 wash is about 2 hours but you can press a button to reduce the time to around 60 mins. It has an energy saving wash for 40 which is what I use. Not had bill yet. I think its hard to guage because we should be saving as we have not been using tumble dryer and have put in energy saving lightbulbs, but the price of electric has gone up. Currently we are paying about £42.00 per month dd for our electric. Our water bill was high I thought. Estimated for next year is £408.00... we are on a meter. Perhaps turn off applicances rather than leave them on standby.

morningpaper Fri 29-Jul-05 11:29:02

DOH I have just gone downstairs and the washing machine has STOPPED WORKING!

This thread is cursed!

Twiglett Fri 29-Jul-05 11:35:17

at 40 our w/m takes 51 minutes (57 with extra rinse cycle)

I know cos it has a timer on it

Twiglett Fri 29-Jul-05 11:36:48

sorry, that's a quickwash function (its zanussi A rated )

charliecat Fri 29-Jul-05 11:41:26

mine takes just over an hour, a rated.

pabla Fri 29-Jul-05 11:41:55

Mine (new last year) also takes about two hours though you can chose a shorter wash option for a smaller, not so dirty load. My old one which I'd had for about 9 years was less than an hour. It is a real pain now because i have to be organised enough to put the washing on early (ideally before the school run) to get it out on the line at a reasonable time.

fqueenzebra Fri 29-Jul-05 12:05:51

Siemens, almost 2 hours for a 40 deg wash (def. 2 hours for a 60deg. wash!). Only has a cold water feed (heat water is what takes so long) but I've managed to do 4 loads in one day, so not unmanageable for me. Just get on with other things.

And our Lekki bill is a bit lower than average for our size house. Do you turn everything off at the wall, Wangle, I mean, don't leave appliances (microwave, cable modem, stereo, TV, computer, etc.) on Standby? Are you on an economy meter? We used to put our machine on timer and run washing loads at about 5am, take advantage of cheaper Lekki then.

Firefox Fri 29-Jul-05 12:10:53

We have a bosch which takes 2hrs for a standard 40 deg wash, or 1.5 hours for a quick wash.

I was under the impression that big eaters of electricity were appliances that had heating elements such as toasters, kettles, fan heaters, tumble driers etc

fqueenzebra Fri 29-Jul-05 12:12:28

immersion heaters for hot water, too?

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