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Wordsmiths, complainers and letter-writers...

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Twiglett Fri 29-Jul-05 09:29:24

Following our exploding cooker hood fiasco, we want to send another email to Neff to ensure this doesn't happen again... could you cast your eye over the following and tell me if it makes sense please ..


Further to your service engineers' visit yesterday and their written report, we still feel extremely concerned over the nature of this explosion.

May I say up front that we are not interested in pursuing any claim for compensation and do appreciate your 'goodwill gesture' in replacing the damaged Neff goods. Our primary concern lies in doing our utmost to ensure that this does not happen to another family with more dire consequences.

Your service engineers have stated in their report that the 'plaster on the wall is not true', we would dispute that. There may be minimal movement as this is a Victorian House, however the walls are visually perfect and having taken a spirit level to the wall over the entire space there is possibly less than a 2mm variance which we do not believe would be unusual in any home.

We believe that you should possibly re-consider the fixings for the cooker hood, allowing the installer to adjust the fit to the wall to allow for a minimal variance over the length of the glass.

We also find the wording on the installation instructions inadequate regarding the dangers of placing any stress on the glass and there is no mention of any potential delayed reaction to stress on installation such as the explosion we experienced 6 days after fitting.

We assume that there is a reason why the toughened glass used is not laminated.

I hope you find these comments useful and appreciate our concern over how easily a member of our family could have been injured in this explosion.

We very much look forward to hearing how you plan to proceed.

gigglinggoblin Fri 29-Jul-05 09:33:49

didnt see original thread, but sounds scary! your letter sounds fine to me but i think i would be writing to someone else who is going to make the company take notice rather than just hoping they will. dont know who that would be tho - trading standards might be place to start?

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