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Urgent !! Advice needed about Tiling - edging strip and corners

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Easy Fri 29-Jul-05 09:28:22

I know this is a long-shot, but I'm hoping someone can help.

My handyman is tiling my bathroom, and the tiles look great but I'm having chrome edging strip along the top.

Anyway, he did his first corner (270 degrees, into the window recess) yesterday and it looks crap. Can anyone tell me about a website or book that will have details of how it should be done.


PeachyClair Fri 29-Jul-05 10:33:07

B&Q website should be able to help, if not pop in and ask a 'colleague'- they can be very handy indeed

girrafey Fri 29-Jul-05 12:14:46

hey, my dp is a director of a tiling company and he says that to get a decent looking finish you should have a tiler do it, also it does depend alot on the groit and adhesive. if you wnat more info let me know. x

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