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anais Tue 01-Jul-03 20:57:23

I passed my driving test last week. Have only been out on my own about 3 times. I went to the supermarket today, it wasn't too busy and I spotted a parent and child space right away. Great I thought, so I drove up to it. There was a woman from the car next door who had her trolley half over the hatched areas between the cars and half over the space I was trying to get into. It was fairly obvious I was trying to park and thought when she came over to the trolley, but she looked at me, took a bag out of the trolley and went and put it into the boot. I struggled into the b****y space while she took her time over taking her bags out of the trolley and laughed and talked to the man she was with. No attempt to help me at all. It made me sooooo angry and to make matters worse she didn't have a child or a seat. ARggggggghhhhhh!!!! I was soooo wound up, nasty, miserable, selfish bitch.

Rant over, thank you for listening.

Jimjams Tue 01-Jul-03 21:03:40

Rant away - what an ignorant cow. People parking in mther and child spaces with no reason is enough to set my blood boiling let alone providing an obstacle course to manoeuvre round.

Queenie Tue 01-Jul-03 21:09:00

Anais, why didn't you shout out the window - Excuse me can you move your trolley? These selfish people usually are a bit dim and need telling what to do - a little like toddlers. She probably hasn't any children and doesn't want them and these types are so self obsessed that they need a good kick up the flue and a reality check. Vent your anger verbally next time and scare the knickers off the old bag!!

Claireandrich Tue 01-Jul-03 21:17:37

Rant away - one of my real annoyances is people who use parent/child places when they shouldn't anyway. I would have been really wound up too (but not brave enough to say anything )

anais Tue 01-Jul-03 21:20:40

Queenie you are absolutely right I should have said something and I was shouting at myself to do so, but I am not brave enough!

It just made me so angry, I wish I was more assertive!

3GirlsMum Tue 01-Jul-03 21:27:52

I would be angry too Anais. Nothing worse than someone that doesnt have kids using these spaces. Same at my local store....over half the spaces are usually filled with cars that have no carseats in them (although I do realise some could have removed baby seats). If I spot someone trying to come into a space that I am about to leave and they have no child I deliberately dont move until they have passed!!

twiglett Tue 01-Jul-03 21:34:46

message withdrawn

wickedstepmother Tue 01-Jul-03 21:52:28

Just out of curiosity twiglett, why is the 'girls' age relevant ??

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