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Does anyone know of any companies that will donate freebie beauty samples for a charity event?

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mumbojumbo Fri 29-Jul-05 08:26:18


Having a charity event in the autumn for the NCT and want to have some freebies to give to the ladies who are coming. Anyone know of any good contacts/companies who would be willing to donate to a good cause?


TracyK Fri 29-Jul-05 08:53:20

I did a charity event a few years ago - and just approached a couple of counters in a department store - they were very helpful - doesn't matter if everyone doesn't get the same does it? Just make up goody bags with various bits and bobs. I think I got prescriptives, elizabeth arden and dior. Give them plenty of notice though as they may have to order in for you.

serah Fri 29-Jul-05 09:33:52


Scroll down until you get to the bit about charitable stuff and use the contact link from there - always worth a shot!

gigglinggoblin Fri 29-Jul-05 09:35:41

this is a few years ago now, but a friend of mine used to get loads of freebies posted to her from harrods, just cos she asked. they would almost certainly send some for a charity do i would have thought

littlerach Fri 29-Jul-05 09:37:49

Have you tried your local Body Shop at home rep?
We had freebies from them for a pre school event.

Or Virgin Vie?

mumbojumbo Fri 29-Jul-05 10:00:57

Thanks guys - keep 'em coming! I'm firing off a few emails at the moment, fingers crossed!

Nemo1977 Fri 29-Jul-05 10:02:49

Asda can be quite good sometimes and try tescos aswell as they have money set aside towards charities as such..especially in their local areas.

PeachyClair Fri 29-Jul-05 10:32:15

Most Supermarkets will help, but you will need to write to the Manger on headed notepaper in the first instance, then chase like anything. woth it though.

At macmillan, we founfd the Virgin Vie guys were great- they put on evening and all sorts for us.

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