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on a nokia phone...

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AuntyQuated Wed 27-Jul-05 19:08:04

how can i find out who last called me?
i know how to find out who i last called and who called but i missed but how do i find out who rang and spoke to me?


AuntyQuated Wed 27-Jul-05 19:08:21

oh and time and date of call.


Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-05 19:08:41

It is in the same menu section

Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-05 19:09:12

Menu..called register...dialled numbers

Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-05 19:10:23

Then click on number you last dialled (top one in list) and select (details).

Select Options and Time of Call should be one of options. That shows date too.

hoxtonchick Wed 27-Jul-05 19:10:24

received numbers

AuntyQuated Wed 27-Jul-05 19:10:26

brill, thanks Hula

Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-05 19:11:02

Hope it works ok.

AuntyQuated Thu 28-Jul-05 08:21:22

perfectly thanks

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