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My heart is breacking.............................................................

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soulsearching Wed 27-Jul-05 11:21:52


My dad died of cancer last month it's was so very hard I have 8 brothers and a sister all younger than myself they are pretty cut up about it, what makes it worse is already my mum has found someone,a new a man, my brothers tell me that they cant believe she could do such a thing but all have said what ever make me happy to every one else I cant understand, Some of them have said it's because they have to live there ( with her ) and I don't no what it's like.

She started drinking morning, noon and night early this year and went on till 3 weeks ago, so she tells me! I've never liked the woman even if she is my mother she just hurt me way way to much over the years and my brothers, too be ever forgiven and loved by me.

She told me that she only gives a dam about the two youngest, early this year she told me she was going to kill herself and that would I take the two youngest when I asked about the other 7 children she just said "what about them"! I went off my trolley, as any one would.

Early this month she said " I don't know how I'm going to cope without your dad, I love him so much, he was such I good man he was my soul mate, I'm going to end up dieing of a broken heart" then to find out on the 19th July that she's madly in love with her friend a friend may I add that she hasn't seen in god knows how long. And my mum and family are saying evil things about my dad, I cant cope with that.

Now it seem like I'm the only one that has a problem with the fact my mum is seeing someone else 2 and half weeks after we put our dad in the ground, I cant understand, I know my mum has a right to happiness, and love but 2 1/2 weeks after we put him the ground, 6 months maybe, what about my brother they've just lost their dad, she has even gave them time for that, hasn't she even thought for one minute about us and how we would feel? Some how I don't think for one minute that she has.

There were only one thing he wanted and that was to died at home because he didn't want to died alone, my mum got so drunk that she past out next to him and that night he died with only her next to him pasted out, that makes me sick!

I got so mad that yesterday I told her how I felt and a few home truth's, my husband told me not to because I would regret it but I don't I just wish I could do it all over again and say a whole lot more.

Am I wrong!

Caligula Wed 27-Jul-05 11:26:58

It sounds like your Mum needs some heavy duty counselling about her drinking and her bereavement. Alcohol and grief are a lethal cocktail and she needs professional help. Having a go at her won't help her or you, it won't make any difference to her behaviour. Professional help might. Any chance of getting her to see her GP?

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