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How long did selling your house take?

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sweetkitty Tue 26-Jul-05 20:43:28

From getting the offer how long did it take to complete?

If there were any hold ups why was this?

(Just wanting to know as we have no chain and it's taken 10 weeks so far with no completion date in sight)?

hunkermunker Tue 26-Jul-05 20:50:21

First time five months, second time six months. We're not very good at it

The first time there were problems with the survey. The second time there were just personality clashes and a lazy solicitor in the chain. Doesn't help when your buyers go on holiday without telling anyone either!

sweetkitty Tue 26-Jul-05 20:53:40

not what I want to hear HM

buyer is an investor we have taken big drop as he gave us the impression he could complete quickly

better than last buyer who went awol for 6 weeks

can you tell how utterly p*** off I am with the whole thing

bubblerock Tue 26-Jul-05 21:02:40

Ages, a complete nightmare! Tell them you want a date or you'll put it back on the market, sounds like they're taking the piss to me!

Hulababy Tue 26-Jul-05 21:11:32

Well, we oput our apartment back on the market, with a different agent, after an 8 month wait after offer Our buyer was a complete nightmare, and I am sur ehe must have some other deep seated issues, from what we now know about him.

We got an offer on the apartment (second one) on Friday last week. Our buyer has requested a 4 week exchange. We shall see...

Hulababy Tue 26-Jul-05 21:13:37

sweetkitty - push for a legal exchange, amd listen carefully to the reasons they give you if they don't agree to it. If they don't agree to that - state that you will leave the property on the market until exchange occurs. Your estate agents should be fine with that - jyust make sure they do offer your property for viewings.

Our apartment is still open for viewings, until legal exchange occurs. Our buyers know this. We got caught out last night - not prepared for that again.

sweetkitty Tue 26-Jul-05 21:15:12

8 months

our flat has been up for sale for nearly a year now this is the second agent we told her our lowest price she got us a buyer in half an hour but he is taking ages meanwhile the interest on the hosue we haven't bought in Scotland is building up.

anchovies Tue 26-Jul-05 21:17:14

We did ours in 12 weeks. The people we were buying from stalled for ages (probably about 8 weeks with nothing happening at all) but all of a sudden everything moved very quickly. We just hassled our solicitors and the estate agents constantly. We never found out what the hold up was but once it got moving it all happened very quickly. Good luck!

WestCountryLass Tue 26-Jul-05 21:18:00

6 months, god knows why it took that long, there was only three of us in the chain

Donbean Tue 26-Jul-05 21:18:39

about 8 weeks if i remember right.
We were incredibly lucky with no complications and no hold ups.
Speaking to people with experience of house moves, this time span is virtually unheard of.

sweetkitty Tue 26-Jul-05 21:19:20

That's what I don't get theres no chain and he's an investor think there is more to it and as he's workmates with the EA I can't find out!!

vicdubya Tue 26-Jul-05 21:24:38

WE sold our house last year to a couple who were selling theirs to an "investor". We had no onward chain.

It took 5 months.

The "investor" was the one who held everything up, who knows why?! We suspected he was selling another property to fund his purchase and needed to release equity.

See if you can find out some more about this guy and what his situation is.

You should do this via your solicitor. The EA will never help with that sort of thing ime!

hunkermunker Tue 26-Jul-05 21:50:13

Our estate agent helped in the end - our buyers wanted us to say we'd pay for major works on the flat the year after we'd sold it I told the estate agent (acting for our sale and purchase, so lots of money to them) that we were pulling out of both if this nonsense didn't stop (I was fuming!). Five minutes later he rang me back and said they were happy to proceed without us undertaking to pay Helps to put ths shits up the estate agents sometimes

jalopy Tue 26-Jul-05 21:53:41

From receiving our FINAL offer (won't depress you with the torturous journey to that point) to completion took over 7 months.

sweetkitty Wed 27-Jul-05 16:00:06

Phoned EA today she picked up the phone so had to speak to me (instead of usual fob off) SO the reason our sale isn't moving is that the purchasers solicitors have received no correspondence from our solicitors which I know is a lie as they told me they sent the paperwork on 10th July! Why has it taken this long for buyers solicitors to notice they have had had no paperwork hasn't the buyer or EA queried it?

Think EA is bare faced lying to me!!! Have told her we need to complete soon or it's going back on the market with several agents.

littlerach Wed 27-Jul-05 16:38:11

Forget the EA, they are just the middle na. You need to speak to your solicitor and get them to contact the buyers solicitor. They have been fobbing you off for too long.

Our houses have never taken more than 9 weeks for completion. But I am a PITA and keep on at them until they do as I say!!!!

MrsDoolittle Wed 27-Jul-05 16:42:11

In such a slow market at the moment, I think you'll find you hold up is at the investors end!

oooggs Wed 27-Jul-05 17:03:45

House on sale in Oct, sold Jan bought April fell apart end May.

Sold house last week, bought last week.... watch this space.

When we did it the first time as 1st time buyers and the other people going to rented it took 10 weeks

Good Luck

sweetkitty Wed 27-Jul-05 17:06:17

The buyer works for the estate agent company, all the EA needs to do is walk over to his desk and ask him whats happening?

I know he is stalling with the deposit!!!

I think if I spend anymore time in this flat I will go insane!

Hulababy Wed 27-Jul-05 17:07:25

Ooh, same stage as me then oogs. All done this last week/weekend. Good luck; race you to moving date

jenkel Wed 27-Jul-05 17:58:41

Cant remember the time, but we had a buyer and was buying a chain free house, our house went through really simply but the house we were buying took so long, I ended up chasing everybody, solicitor, estate agent and land registy more or less every day. Issue with some land that was given to the house that wasnt on the deeds. Complete nightmare and vowed that I could do better than all of the 'professionals' put together.

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