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Missing persons.Come in,come in please YOU ARE MISSED

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Star Fri 13-Jul-01 13:33:39

Message withdrawn

Lizzer Fri 13-Jul-01 15:36:45

Calling Tel and Hedgehog - where are you? I'd love to hear from you!

Tel Fri 13-Jul-01 16:07:18

How nice to know I have been missed! Actually I've just been very very crap and window shopping lately here instead of participating, plus my little one is on the move hence sitting down for a couple of hours of bliss is not on the agenda right now. And previous fantastic weather kept me outside. That aside, things are cool, what about you Lizzer?

Lizzer Fri 13-Jul-01 16:20:40

Wow Tel, you were fast! I'm fine, still at my Mum's but loving it at the mo, how about you? What I really wanted to know about was your visit to see 'daddy' (If such creatures warrant that term!), did it go ok, are you planning another trip and was the dreaded MIL with bad taste in presents there, ha ha?!! I've still had no contact with my ex so that makes it 14 months and counting -not bad going seeing as she's only 18 months old, fantastic - but then I would be hard pressed to say I've missed his presence, in fact given his attitude I think we're actually better off. How old is your son now Tel, I've forgotten?

Jac Sun 15-Jul-01 13:43:08

Hi Star, I'm back. I've been on holiday for the last 2 weeks but before that I've no excuse. Like Tel I've been looking in occasionally which got less and less before the holiday. I've got a lot of catching up to do!! Hope you are ok and everyone else. Thanks for 'looking' for me!

Star Sun 15-Jul-01 16:39:33

Message withdrawn

Marina Mon 16-Jul-01 12:37:56

I wondered how Ginette/Rmea was getting on after her op. I know she's been on the boards a bit. How are you doing?

Rmea Wed 18-Jul-01 09:32:26

Thanks for your concern. It took 2-3 months for me to feel better but then I felt fine. Apparently there is so much scar tissue inside that they can't yet check for re-growth of the tumour. I go again at the end of August so maybe then. They also think I will need a further op. because they've left too much skin around the site.
At the moment I am a little concerned as everything seems to have swelled - well bunched really - up. I don't know what's happened. My GP is away getting married and of course his fill-in hadn't seen it before so couldn't help. He put me on antibiotics in case it was infected and it looks as if I've got more fluid collected. I don't really know what to do except wait for the GP -on 30/7. I could go to the hospital but there doesn't really seem time with all these end of term things and we go on holiday on 1/8 for 2 weeks. I know I should do something but I can't really be bothered. I feel too tired and a bit unwell - probably further indications!
Thanks again Marina. I hope I haven't gone on too long/been too graphic.

Marina Wed 18-Jul-01 10:08:13

Ginette, thanks for the update - it's good to hear you have a holiday planned and I hope you see your GP in time to put your mind at rest and all have a jolly good break. Keep us posted on how you get on at the end of August.

Harrysmum Wed 18-Jul-01 10:32:39

Eric - still thinking of you & husband and children - hope your holiday was constructive and that things are getting better - let us know how you are.

Tigermoth Wed 18-Jul-01 16:42:23

Rat and Cybnner are you out there?

No good asking after Rachel69, I suppose.

Batters Wed 18-Jul-01 19:05:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Spring Thu 19-Jul-01 09:56:47

I was wondering how Peaches was getting on just this morning!! Also Tigger, are you still here????

Tigermoth Thu 19-Jul-01 11:12:18

Heidi, you are you out there? your name has been mentioned on the 'trying to conceive' board.

Tigger Thu 19-Jul-01 14:17:24

Ah am here, the dreaded computer had a complete hoolie last week and was very unwell. Complete overhaul and things are now a lot better, this is obviously a male computer the way it behaves.

Star Sun 22-Jul-01 17:33:15

Message withdrawn

Peaches Thu 02-Aug-01 21:03:52

Hi I haven't been able to write for a while,lots of things have happened.Most not really of a positive manner either but I will try and message the boards when I can.Thanks for thinking of me.I hope that all of you that gave me support are all well and enjoying the hot weather.

Take care,

Rhiannon Thu 02-Aug-01 22:40:36

Eric, 'should I leave my husband' thread, Eric where are you? Getting worried now - Rhiannon

Tigermoth Fri 03-Aug-01 16:28:15

Snowy, how's your pregnancy going?

Rhiannon Sat 04-Aug-01 19:10:25

AYLA, sorry your story on 'marital relationships' kind of got lost after Ric's was added. Please 'talk' again.

Tigermoth Wed 08-Aug-01 12:51:43

Peaches, hello if you're there - I can see that you posted a week ago. How are you feeling, and is your pregnancy going OK?

Best wishes

Peaches Wed 08-Aug-01 18:38:20

Hi Tigermoth,

I'm here just.I'm 17 weeks now and am exhausted all the time.I'm still waiting for counselling too.I read alot of the boards,just don't seem to have the courage to leave messages anymore.I do realise alot of people are going through what I am at this point in my life,I suppose that's a start.I hope u are well,and I will keep in touch via this board.


Winnie Thu 09-Aug-01 07:19:50

Peaches, good to know your okay, although exhausted by your pregnancy. 17 weeks! How time flies but I can't believe - although I do - that they've still not sorted out your counselling!! Take care, thinking of you, Winnie

Tigermoth Thu 09-Aug-01 16:02:10

Glad you're still here with us Peaches, and looking forward to your postings, as and when. Sorry you're feeling so tired. Hopefully now you're passing that first three months hurdle, you'll begin to feel a little better.

Rhiannon Sun 12-Aug-01 20:03:24

DORISDAY, MESSAGE FOR YOU - I know that you're not missing but wanted to answer you're note about Madge. Things can get very shirty on Mumsnet you wait! I didn't mean not to post about Madge on the thread but there was a conversation on Madge and Liam's Appleton girly (can't remember her name) on the other thread.

Sometimes I suppose the gist of the conversation can be lost when it changes to something else. Recently Ayla posted about something quite emotional and Ric posted on top and Ayla got completely lost, don't know what happened to her.
I think the thread was called 'the first few weeks' you'll find it if you click on Last Week postings.

Must go someone's just come into the shop and I don't think they're local.

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