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Just want to thank mumsnet!!!! i have found MY shop!

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loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 09:54:29

i had never heard of the white company until i saw it advertised on here! i went into the shop at bluewater and spent loads for ds! its all white and i love my 15m old in white! cant believe i didnt find this shop sooner! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u thank u thank u!
i spent about £100 on ds on slippers...cardigan.. striped shorts, bath robe.... i love it

tiredemma Tue 26-Jul-05 10:03:18

my kids would last literally 5 mins in white clothes before being covered in allsorts. Brave you !!! x

MandM Tue 26-Jul-05 10:07:06

My dd and white just do not mix, she looks gorgeous in white - for about 30 seconds!!! I buy cheap George and Matalan white t-shirts then I can throw them away (or use them as dusters!) after one or two wears!

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 10:10:13

my ds is fine in white he is wearing a pair of white trousers now with a baby blue long t-shirt! I buy the tesco's t-shirts they was up great and go with anything

vickiyumyum Tue 26-Jul-05 10:33:50

the pyjamas are fantastic from there. and the towels are great too.

handlemecarefully Tue 26-Jul-05 10:38:22

That's great loulabelle.

What washing powder do you use? It must be really something

triceratops Tue 26-Jul-05 10:38:46

I second the pyjama vote. They wash wonderfully and look really comfy, I always wait for the sale though. I am too tight to buy the towels but one day.....

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 20:52:43

just normal fairy non bio! obviously if he is playing in the garden all day or out at the park i wouldnt dress him in white trousers!!!!! i just think they look lovely! i dress him a bit old fashioned even thou i'm young!

Gobbledigook Tue 26-Jul-05 21:06:03

White clothes?!?!? Blimey charlie! I've got 3 boys 4, 2, and 11 months - NO WAY!!!!

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 21:07:42

all the way for me!!!

lockets Tue 26-Jul-05 21:13:29

Message withdrawn

Gobbledigook Tue 26-Jul-05 21:28:44

Lockets - ahhhh, congratulations to your sis!! She is one lucky lady (and she'll also be exhausted once number 3 gets moving!!). Wow, it's all go on the baby front in your family! SIL is pg atm too, due next March - she's had a few problems so we are really chuffed as she really didn't want just one child and she is nearly 4 now.

Oops. Sorry Loullabelle!

Anyway, yes, white clothes look gorgeous - but not practical for boys who like grass skidding

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 21:34:00

fortunatly ds hasnt got to the stage of skidding on the grass.. he doesn't like falling over if he can help it. But as soon as he does he wont be in white!!!! too much stain remover! hehe

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