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BOOTSALE - thinking of doing one need some advice!

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loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 08:45:35

hiya my ds is 15m and ive decided now is about the right time to get rid of his old stuff plus his baby baby toys!
I would love to do a bootsale so that hopefully its just some spare cash to buy him some winter stuff and maybe some new toys!
how do i go about doing one has anyone got any advice? I am a bootsale virgin and haven't got a clue! thank u!!!!

Lonelymum Tue 26-Jul-05 08:51:48

Would love to know this too Loulablelle. Where I used to live, there were 3 sites for regular sales near me. One sale alternated between 2 of the sites and someone told me, you looked in the local paper to find out where the next sale was going to be held. I imagine the paper would also have told you what to do about selling stuff there (eg how much it cost etc). I never had the local paper so I neve got round to doing it!

misdee Tue 26-Jul-05 08:53:46

get a pasting table or something similar, also take an old blanket. pile all the stuff you want to sell into your car. go the bootsale, pay your pitch fee, set up and start selling. easy peasey.

Lonelymum Tue 26-Jul-05 08:57:15

How much is a pitch fee usually Misdee? If the entrance fee for buyers is £5, say?

ebbie22 Tue 26-Jul-05 08:59:36

Depends where you are,but usually its 5.or 7 pounds to sell things and up to a pound to buy...

misdee Tue 26-Jul-05 09:02:45

somestimes its free to buy, its £10pitch fee here.

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 09:04:50

i have so much to sell! actually quite looking forward to it! i am going to wash and press everything again as its been sitting in black bags! there is about 6 black bags of clothes newborn to 12m!

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 09:05:44

do people try and steal off of u? thats what i am worried about!

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 09:05:51

do people try and steal off of u? thats what i am worried about!

misdee Tue 26-Jul-05 09:09:05

i've had some ps2 stolen at the last one,m so any videos/dvds/games/cd's just put the empty cases out. and you will get some people trying to haggle, it is worth sometimes dropping prices a little bit when they do haggle but never let the stuff go for silly money.

one convo i had about a hat and coat stand i was selling for £5 'i'll give you £2, the ecomony is bad'

'no its £5, i know the ecomony is bad, thats why i'm doing a car boot sale'

vickiyumyum Tue 26-Jul-05 09:11:48

unfortunatley yes people do try to steal, thats why its always best to go with soemone else so that if you are distacted with a buyer they can keep an eye on things.

anything of particular quality clotheswise i use a rail for or hang it on my car door and they can ask to look then (do this for any 'designer' items) i found that clothes on a rail sell better than on piles on blankets or tables. you can buy the rails for about £6 in argos and they are really easy to put up, just have a test run at home.

pitch fees are usually between £5 and £10 depending on where you are and the size of the boot sale. normally the bigge the boot sale the bigger the fee.

take loads of carrier bags, some change, drinks, food as you might not be able to get to the refreshment stall and it can be a long and hot day otherwise. oh and suncream and a hat!

i usually sell kids clothes and toys and sometimes have the odd buggy to sell cheaply and would be disappointesd if i made less than £150.

SoupDragon Tue 26-Jul-05 09:27:38

Do you think you might do better with baby things at an NCT nearly rew sale?

loulabelle222 Tue 26-Jul-05 09:29:47

whats that soup dragon?

Skribble Wed 27-Jul-05 00:38:35

Best to have someone to help if possible. Traders and chancers will swoop as soon as you park up. 1 of you unpacks and the other arranges stuff while selling to the vultures and watching the dodgy ones.

Arrive V early

Put table on top of everything in car or on roof rack so you don't have to haul everything out first. Careful with pasting tables they tend to collapse if laden with heavy stuff.

Some sheets of plastic or even bin bags are handy to put over stuff if rainy. I took garden brolly with stand to keep us and stuff like books dry.

Take a float, everyone has £10 notes first thing. Plus money for bacon rolls and tea unless orgainised and taken flask an sandwiches.

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