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Computers - anyone understand 'em?!

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Lizzer Thu 12-Jul-01 22:46:50

Hi there, please can anyone help. It's a bit of a long story but basically I have downloaded some pictures from the internet and they have been saved as ".art" files. My plan was then to use them in Publisher'98 but it doesn't recognise the type ".art" so can't use them. Does anyone know how I can change the type of file it is into one that publisher recognises, or any other way of getting them onto it. My usual solution for all things technical is to cut'n'paste, and when that doesn't work I get mad that I don't know anything about computers and, depending on the time of the month, cry or hit the stupid machine, grr....! Please help.....?!

Nmd Fri 13-Jul-01 08:09:53

How about opening the art files in something like powerpoint, word or acrobat, if they're recognised? Then just file/save as whatever format you need. Haven't used publisher sorry so I'm not sure. Or could you try to download again and see if there's an option to store them in a different format? Just guesses I'm afraid.

Lizzer Fri 13-Jul-01 09:27:16

Hi, tried word just now and it's not having any of it I'm afraid, but thanks for thinking of it.I hope I don't have to download again as there are millions of pics! Anyone else have another idea? Please....

Suew Fri 13-Jul-01 09:40:57

Try this page on

It looks as though the answer is to re-download them though :(

FWIW, I found this by searching on Google and typing '.art files' in the search box (no quotes).

Lizzer Fri 13-Jul-01 10:13:00

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou Suew, and Nmd it looks like you were right! I'm annoyed at having to download again, but is my own stupid fault for not looking into it a bit more (or for using aol, more like!) Hurray, I need the pictures for a badge making machine for a school gala tomorrow, so all the happy chilldren's faces wearing badges of tweenies, bob and harry potter will all be down to you, ahhh...!:)

Marina Fri 13-Jul-01 11:50:03

Lizzer, our Word 97 recognises graphics downloaded in the TIFF (.tif) format if that is any help. Failing that, try PICT (.pcx). I occasionally have to shuffle graphics files between Macs and PCs and remembering which type works on which platform is enough to make you pull your hair out (or eat crisps, boo, which is what I am doing right now). Hope you prevail against evil technology.

PS check to see if the website offers a compression option as Publisher should be able to cope with this and it might save on some download time.

Lizzer Sun 15-Jul-01 21:09:23

Well you'll all be pleased to know there were a lot of smiling children by the badge making machine yesterday at the school gala. After re-downloading them to bitmap files I finally got them into publisher and printed off a load of Tweenies, Bob, Sclub7, steps, hearsay and Pokemon pictures (is that legal by the way? - oh, it was for a good cause anyway!)

Suew Sun 15-Jul-01 22:10:53

Glad it worked Lizzer.

I've just been trying to 'nick' a photo off a friend's online photo album - it's one of the last photos taken of me before I started losing weight and I want it as a Before photo. Sadly, there's some kind of proctection on it and I can't get it so I'll have to ask her to send it to me.

Lizzer Sun 15-Jul-01 22:43:20

Suew - I have plenty of 'before' photos - can't wait for the day til I get some 'after' ones :) Hey, when (if?) I do we could have our own online photo album and show off!

Robinw Sun 22-Jul-01 18:44:40

message withdrawn

Tigger Sun 22-Jul-01 19:21:34

Robinw, who is your ISP?, we had problems before with BT but are now back with them and so far have had no problems. BT Click was notorious for giving problems, who do you do your dial up networking through? do you have more than one Internet connection on your computer, are you using AOL6?, let me know and I'll try and help.

Robinw Mon 23-Jul-01 01:23:58

message withdrawn

Robinw Sun 07-Oct-01 14:42:17

message withdrawn

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