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fancy dress ideas for hubby and friend please

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ogri Mon 25-Jul-05 14:17:31

they have just under 2 weeks to go til they have to do a wheel barrow race in fancy dress.
they only decided earlier today they were going to do it.
we have been thinking of some ideas but cant think of anything really good. been trying to think of something up to date, but struggling, so if any one has any ideas, i would love to hear from you.
thanks very much

Hausfrau Mon 25-Jul-05 14:19:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

WigWamBam Mon 25-Jul-05 14:19:43

You could go with a gardening theme as they're using wheelbarrows, so:

garden gnomes
Tommy Walsh and Charlie Dimmock

Iklboo Mon 25-Jul-05 14:19:50

The women from the Bounty Kitchen Roll advert?

Fimbo Mon 25-Jul-05 14:20:37

this might provide inspiration!!

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