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Well Done Baby Love...

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eidsvold Mon 25-Jul-05 04:13:22

Baby Love are kind of the equivalent of Pampers in Aus ( Huggies competition iykwim)

Had recently purchased a carton of baby Love nappies from BigW only to discover towards the end a couple of dodgy ones with the tape missing and so unable to be done up. Well I decided to write to them and say how disappointed I was with the standard and that I usually only buy Baby Love and choose to buy the premium ones not the seconds ( as I could). I was so annoyed as I am buying nappies for 2 - dd2 is mainly in cloth but still needs some disposables and dd1 is still in nappies.

They sent me a written apology and a packet of 16 nappies. Very pleased.

nightowl Mon 25-Jul-05 04:23:51

that happened to me a while back. i usually buy asda george nappies and the last five had little bits of tape all cut wonky (for want of a better word). it was the end of the packet (i think 36) so i had used most of them but they gave me a whole new pack. (after eyeing me suspiciously and sneakily checking the nappies again while i went to get another pack, yes i saw them). i love that about asda, they never seem to argue about things and the staff are all really nice.

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