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Yet another Ruislip/Hillingdon question - Hunkermunker??

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moonshine Sun 24-Jul-05 22:15:42

Sorry - me again.

Hunkermunker, I'm afraid I'm in danger of being a bit of a stalker/nuisance as you seem to be the only current resident of Ruislip. We have definitely decided to move to the area and have a couple of houses in mind. Do you really hate Ruislip Gardens then? What about South Ruislip? We're currently disregarding Eastcote atm as really need to be not too far from Central Line as dh works in White City (same organisation I think!).

I know about the really good, or at least popular schools, I think (Whiteheath, Breakspear, Warrender) but do you know anything about Ladybankes or Ruislip Gardens Primary? And do you know what South Ickenham is like?

Sorry about all the questions but any help you can give would be gratefully appreciated!

misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 22:16:58

come visit me at harefield

moonshine Sun 24-Jul-05 22:19:24

With my house moving hat on all I can think about is how expensive the houses can be there considering there ain't no tube .

Are you definitely doig LL by the way? Any help I can be, please let me know - I feel like an old hand at it now.

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 22:27:07

Message withdrawn

misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 22:28:03

yes am doing lighterlife, gotta get my gp to sign my forms then i can start

moonshine Sun 24-Jul-05 22:39:57

Hunkermunker - thank you! Interesting about going to Northolt and getting Central Line there, but as we currently live less than 15 mins walk from the TVC (same one?), dh is completely terrified of any kind of commuting as he has never really had to do any! I think Eastcote looks pretty lovely and you seem to get more space for you money, just have to work on him maybe. Parts of Ickenham look lovely (especially as we can't actually afford most of it!) so am obsessing slightly about it atm. Have read the Ofsted reports but they are oddly very out-of-date for many of the Hillingdon schools.

I'm afraid I may be seeking you out again, like a heat-seeking missile, so be warned!

Misdee - I think it is a great decision - best of luck.

RTKangaMummy Sun 24-Jul-05 22:45:41

My cousin used to live in ruilslip gardens opp the school

I used to find the kids around there irritating cos they used to play dare devil as you were driving, they would run into the road and stand in front of the car and not move they would just laugh

This was about 10 years ago so may be different now, well those kids will have grown up

hunkermunker Sun 24-Jul-05 22:47:47

Message withdrawn

moonshine Sun 24-Jul-05 22:50:28

Lol RTKangaMummy - but does that mean there is another generation-in-waiting being 'bred' atm to continue similar, er, activities??

misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 22:51:19

thats a comman game in quieter areas. we used to play chicken

moonshine Sun 24-Jul-05 22:54:42

Must admit that there is a house very close to Breakspear school which needs major work but is cheaper than most other things around. We still would struggle to get near the asking price though and would need to have a 'cheeky' offer accepted.

RTKangaMummy Sun 24-Jul-05 22:55:49

Guess there might be

It could be one of the aspirations of the little ones

These children were only about 6 or 7 upwards

But very difficult just used to sit and wait but it was like a stale mate situation

It was a nightmare parking with the school over the road too loads of cars so my cousin couldn't park outside her house

Anyway she should have realised that when they bought the house IYSWIM

RTKangaMummy Sun 24-Jul-05 22:57:17


misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 23:00:06

not ever on the main road mind u, i remember one lad lying down on his skateboard in teh middle of the road and a bus coming towards him.

a few years ago, dh was coming down the road and some lad (teenager 15/16) laid down on the speed bumps. dh could see him and knew he could stop in time if needed, but didnt slow down, the lad sh*t himself.

moonshine Sun 24-Jul-05 23:00:09

God, I was such a boring child - worst I remember playing was 'Knock Down Ginger' on some pensioner's door (although she probably though we were Spawns of the Devil for that!)

misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 23:01:23

i used to skate down the middle of the road! (cant imagine skating again now, tho used to go every weekend)

moonshine Sun 24-Jul-05 23:03:53

Do people still use roller-skates these days or is it all roller-blading (she asked, showing that she was definitely feeling middle-aged today)?

misdee Sun 24-Jul-05 23:05:37

its all rollerblades these days. i prefer old fashion stayle rollor skates, not as much stress on your ankles.

OldLadyScent Sun 24-Jul-05 23:06:22

Roller Discos .............Yay

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