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Calling Roisin...

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ScummyMummy Sun 24-Jul-05 22:06:20

Missing you. Where are you?

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 22:08:22

She's been working pretty much full-time, scummy, and her PC has been sick, and she has just gone on holiday (or is just about to).

Lakes meetup next month - why don't you pop up?

ScummyMummy Sun 24-Jul-05 22:13:38

Thanks janh. Glad she's ok. Would love to pop up actually but will be in Scotland with in-laws in mid August.

Janh Sun 24-Jul-05 22:16:58

Pop down then...????

ScummyMummy Sun 24-Jul-05 22:18:54

Very tempting... I will ponder if there is a way I can do that without firming up my reputation as a v rude bananahead apt to avoid in-laws!

Janh Mon 25-Jul-05 11:02:27

Oh pleeease be a bananahead and come, I'm dying to meet you and your twinnies. You can leave their daddy to have some quality time with his mummy and daddy!

Gobbledigook Mon 25-Jul-05 11:04:02

JanH - I might be there depending on work (work freelance so depends if I've work in or not). Hope that's OK.

Janh Mon 25-Jul-05 11:11:51

Ohhh, hope so, GDG - what about yer ma?

Gobbledigook Mon 25-Jul-05 11:16:58

She'll probably be there if I am - extra hands for me!

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