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For those with DD's in Rainbows ....

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KBear Sat 23-Jul-05 18:07:06

just wondering if any of them have taken part in the "The Big Performance" competition and whereabouts are you?

We are in SE London and have put on a show which we have videoed and entered into the competition.

I thought it would be interesting to tell the Rainbows in the unit I help at who else round the country had taken part.


3mummy Sat 23-Jul-05 18:29:00

Kinda nothing to do with your question, sorry , but been wanting to know what age all these type of clubs are for - rainbows, brownies, guides etc. I have 3 DDs the eldest 2 are "club" age, I think - 4 and 5yrs.

Thought I should ask you cos I'm sure you'll know.

Thanks, and sorry again

3mummy Sat 23-Jul-05 18:30:09

Looks odd - I know they are 4 and 5yrs old - I think they might be club age!!!

KBear Sat 23-Jul-05 18:33:07

You have to be 5 to join - it's for 5-7 year olds. Get their names down asap though if they want to go - places are like gold dust, round here anyway!

3mummy Sat 23-Jul-05 18:45:06

Thank you KBear, have just logged my details with the rainbow website.

bubblerock Sat 23-Jul-05 20:01:49

DS joined beavers at 6 and I was really shocked that they allow girls in that too, so that's another option for them, I don't know how they differ but DS has been so busy doing badges and learning new things it's great.

KBear Sat 23-Jul-05 22:09:37


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