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any ideas for imaginative present for my children's naming ceremony??

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Lisa1 Thu 26-Jun-03 21:22:16

I am having a naming ceremony for my 2 children (dd1 age 4 and ds2 age1). I'm trying to think about waht to get them. I thought about some orignal artwork but haven't had any luck in finding anything. I don't want to spend too much money. Its only a few weeks to go. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

whellid Thu 26-Jun-03 21:42:39

Message withdrawn

sobernow Thu 26-Jun-03 21:51:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

eidsvold Thu 26-Jun-03 21:54:50

oh you can get these name plaques - only so many made with different themes - brilliant - will try and find you the website. They are original art work and limited.

try here

GeorginaA Thu 26-Jun-03 22:01:57

The best present my son had on his naming day was a memory box to be opened on his 18th birthday - has 18 different things to do with the day of the ceremony (I don't actually know what's inside myself so hopefully I'll get a surprise too!).

The best thing about them is that there so personal and unique, and you can really put a lot of thought and love into them without spending a fortune.

Oakmaiden Thu 26-Jun-03 23:13:10

When I have got gifts of this type for children I have given: a wooden box which locks - to keep their treasures in; an old (second hand) illustrated Fairy Tale book; and we once got a star named after a child - that wasn't very expensive either, as I recall.

Bron Fri 27-Jun-03 09:42:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Lisa1 Thu 03-Jul-03 21:29:18

Thanks everyone for your ideas. We've decided to ask our guests to bring something for a memory box. Still can't work out what to get ourselves. I'm think ing about a first editio book , or an original illustration. does anyone know where i could find either? Preferably over the www as time is tight.

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