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Holy Cow .. the glass on our neff cooker hood just exploded..

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Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:12:16

totally shattered glass all over new kitchen

was put in on Thursday (and has been tested) .. and it wasn't even on .. luckily noone was close but it shot glass right over the room (3.5 metres away) and into highchair

so lucky .. that was so scary

sparklymieow Sat 23-Jul-05 14:14:18

OMG how scary!!!! give them hell..........

Heathcliffscathy Sat 23-Jul-05 14:15:53

twiglett! blimey! you must be in shock. i would be straight on phone to neff PR office....they need to massively compensate you as i imagine if you went legal on them they would be in real trouble. seriously, as you've pointed out, this could have been tragic.

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 14:17:19

This happened to my SIL, twig - it was installed badly - not put in dead straight so there was stress on the glass? I don't know what make it was.

Glad none of you were there anyway - as mieow says, give them hell.

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 14:18:06

It is more likely to be the installation than the hood itself so go to them first.

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:20:53

don't see how it could've been the installation as the glass just rested on the top of it .. have paid them by cheque though, do you think I should stop cheque? the bloke is in Bali atm

Heathcliffscathy Sat 23-Jul-05 14:22:06

call trading standards...i'll try to look up weblink....they will know best thing to do.

also if willow is around she will be able to advise you, she is amazingly good at this sort of thing...

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:23:58

\lnk{\this one}

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:24:44

try again, this one

DH says we can't get it replaced as he doesn't trust them but the whole blinking kitchen is designed around it

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 14:27:53

When you say "just rested", it must have been attached in some way - screwed in? Too tight maybe?

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 14:29:06

service hotline - have you tried them yet? (Open till 4 today)

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:30:58

yeah tried them, but thanks Jan .. they're not though .. its an insurance company where you can register your warranties .. the service lines / emails from that site don't actually work .. and service centre only open weekdays

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:31:58

the glass has left very minor scratches in the new hob and the granite .. I think someone should pay to repair / replace them

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 14:37:20

Well someone will, I hope - question is who? The granite scratches could be polished out I should think but the hob might need replacing.

Awful shock for you and must take all the pleasure in your new kitchen away

When did you write the cheque? Is there time to stop it? Was he going to Bali on the strength of it? Is he a one-man company?

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:41:08

Friday night .. cheque is not for all of it .. but a substantial amount anyway .. he wouldn't have had time to bank it unless he banked it sat morning

he is a good bloke and I trust him, but these things can turn nasty can't they

DH just read through installation notes .. glass was integrated in bottom unit .. but it does say it shouldn't touch the wall, and we think it might have

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 14:45:41

Well I would definitely seriously consider stopping the cheque as you have time - unless any balance outstanding is enough to cover replacement and making good?

Your link says "available in stainless steel" - does that mean you could have the glass part in steel instead?

(SIL did have the same glass hood put back in btw, but can't remember details and she's just gone on holiday too!) (Not to Bali though)

morningpaper Sat 23-Jul-05 14:48:08

Quite common in heat-resistent glass units - I've had it happen in two different houses - one oven hotplate and one glass doors. I assume it is thick/safety glass which actually shatters into thick fragments rather than shards?

I think it is a common hazard of this type of heat-resistant glass. Surprised it's scratched your granite though. I expect the installer has a 12-month guarantee or something - I'd speak to them first. Take some pictures before you clean up the mess though.

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 14:53:48

This was just fitted though, mp, and so was my SIL's - either the thing itself or the fitting was at fault.

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 14:57:18

yes it was thick shards but they came out at such force that they actually embedded into the wood cabinets and bits of it had sharp edges .. i really dread to think what would have happened if we'd been eating

don't like the metal as much but think we will have to have it instead

DH downstairs tinkering with it now no matter how many times I tell him to leave it alone until the neff people come so that they can see for themselves .. arrrgghhh

have lots of pics / video

morningpaper Sat 23-Jul-05 15:01:40

Yes agree Jan, possibly a faulty hood. Scary eh?!

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 15:02:05

no the all metal one is a different one

Twiglett Sat 23-Jul-05 15:03:02

cheque is the last payment bit tbh .. so if I want any kind of financial hold over him then I will have to stop it .. I paid bulk in cash to help him out

Janh Sat 23-Jul-05 15:07:18

How about stopping that one and sending him a new one for a smaller amount through the post, so that it's there when he gets back, with a letter explaining?

It's hard though when you have a good relationship with a tradesman, isn't it?

Twiglett Mon 25-Jul-05 10:10:02

called Neff at 8am and have just heard that the guy will be with me within an hour .. am shaking again .. god I hope I don't play this wrong .. I need to stay calm and collected don't I? I just keep thinking what if DD had been in her highchair??


marthamoo Mon 25-Jul-05 10:12:22

How terrifying, twiglett Glad you're all OK but, blimey..

Hope you get some satisfaction out of the Neff man (that sound a bit rude but you know what I mean). Deep breaths and stay calm - you're the customer, it's his job to make you happy.

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