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is this a good digital camera?

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peckarollover Sat 23-Jul-05 11:47:00

DS microwaved our last one and we cant really afford to get another excellent one.

Is this one good enough ?


hercules Sat 23-Jul-05 11:55:46

have you got accidental damage on contents cover?

Ailsa Sat 23-Jul-05 12:09:23

What about this one? Kodak 5 Million Pixels £119

pinkmama Sat 23-Jul-05 12:18:34

We have just bought the olympus one! It is much smaller than I thought, and very cute. I think its great. We only had it 2 weeks, but picture quality seems very good. Very easy to use. Only negative I can say at mo is the battery seems to run out quite quickly, but not sure if thats me not charging it right, and the card it comes doesnt hold much, so we bought a bigger card, but maybe thats all digitals, this is our first. Thats cheaper than I found it.

kama Sat 23-Jul-05 12:24:51

Message withdrawn

pinkmama Sat 23-Jul-05 12:27:52

Kama, is it me or does the battery run out quickly on yours?

bea Sat 23-Jul-05 12:46:39

my friends have the olympus mju and they love it and i think it's a really good buy! go for it!!!

bonym Sat 23-Jul-05 13:45:52

My mum has the mju and it takes great pics. Only drawback is that there is no viewfinder and the screen is sometimes hard to see in bright sunlight.

I have this which I love - takes fab photos and very compact (credit card size).

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