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My Car Was Towed Away Today

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WestCountryLass Fri 22-Jul-05 22:50:50

What a bloody nightmare!

I went to the bank to get DH a bankers draft for his car and parked on a single yellow line that I thought you could park on for an hour. I got the cheque and then thought i'll trot off to Sainsburys for some bread and popped into the travel agents as I was passing and when I came out of the shops my car was on the transporter

I explained that I was on the line and the bloke said 'that won't wash with me luv, you can't park here between 8 and 6' And then a load of passersby started having a go at him as I was stood there with my nearly 4 year old DS and my baby and they were saying 'come on, she's got the kids' and DS said 'naughty, naughty, naughty man' to the man.

I was even offered a lift to the pound to get the car which was nice but I walked to DHs office and his partners girlfriend took me. What really PMO was car towing bloke wouldn't let me get the kids car seats out the car.

So I spent £135 on absolutely nothing today (which I know was my fault but it was unintentional, I have never had a parking ticket before and I really would not have parked there if I had known as there was an NCP opposite).


lilsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 22:52:28

what wakrs...grrrr

lilsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 22:52:54

ooopps meant wa**ers

kid Fri 22-Jul-05 22:54:55

how annoying. Glad you were able to get your car back quickly. Do they have no sympathy for people though. I know they have a job to do but is it really necessary to leave a mum and 2 young children stranded?

charliecat Fri 22-Jul-05 23:00:35

was that one of those signs that says P 8-6 and then the traffic warden informs you you CANT park there between those hours?
We got stung with one of those, but surely a P with a red line through it OR something other than the blue P thats usually means Parking shuld be on them

assumedname Fri 22-Jul-05 23:01:40

A young guy in my town just had his car towed away and CRUSHED.

WestCountryLass Fri 22-Jul-05 23:53:29

CharlieCat ~ Yes it was. I need to swot up on my Highway Code as I am fairly intelligent and have common sense but can't fathom out what mean what when it comes to parking restrictions

And AssummedName ~ CRUSHED?!?!?! What did he do, park his car on a zebra crossing or something

assumedname Sat 23-Jul-05 00:37:02

Lol, WestCountryLass.

He left it outside a friend's house before they went out for the night and stayed the night there. Couldn't get it going next day and had to get some parts.

Came back to it the next day and it wasn't there - towed away and crushed. Along with his coat, CD player, CD's and personal stereo.

assumedname Sat 23-Jul-05 00:41:18

I should add that the car was perfectly legal.

MrsGordonRamsay Sat 23-Jul-05 00:41:45


Was it taxed ???

In some parts of the country, illegally parked cars are towed and crushed, immediately.

MrsGordonRamsay Sat 23-Jul-05 00:42:06

X posts

assumedname Sat 23-Jul-05 00:45:59

Yes, MrsGR that's why they've done it - under the 'car clear' scheme. Had some problems with people dumping cars locally.

Surely you can see that a car is obviously abandoned, though?

Poor bloke.

MrsGordonRamsay Sat 23-Jul-05 00:52:28

Sorry meant illegally parked, untaxed cars

Go easy on me, I am a touch inebriated

assumedname Sat 23-Jul-05 00:54:36

Glad you've had a good night!

MrsGordonRamsay Sat 23-Jul-05 01:00:50

5 of us girlies went out to dinner.

Got the bill, checked it, sent it back, sorry we are not sure this is quite right, they came back with, it most definitely we paid it, and leggged it....they had overlooked two bottles of wine

assumedname Sat 23-Jul-05 01:03:55

You did very well there!

MrsGordonRamsay Sat 23-Jul-05 01:08:41

You aint kidding.

At £15 a bottle

SoupDragon Sat 23-Jul-05 08:23:40

Sadly, once your car's wheels have left the ground, legally there's nothing they can do . Must say I thought the little yellow signs explaining parking hours are always when you can't park there.

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