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Unplanned sale at Next Brent Cross starts Saturday

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PrettyCandles Fri 22-Jul-05 15:03:08

Just to let you know that Next in the new Brent Cross retail park just south of the North Circ are having what appears to be a complete clearout sale starting at 5am on Saturday 23 July.

There was a massive fire at Staples Corner a few days ago and it would seem that their stock may have been somewhat smoke-damaged...nothing that a run through the washing machine won't sort out!

Wish wish wish I could go to the sale - but we're off away tomorrow.

ZoeC Fri 22-Jul-05 15:04:02

It's the next sale everywhere this saturday so probably that's why.

PrettyCandles Fri 22-Jul-05 15:07:11

Is that so? I didn't know - they've got 'closed due to smoke damage' signs up all over the place today, so I assumed that was the reason for the sale.

compo Fri 22-Jul-05 15:09:33

definitely Next sale nationwide tomorrow

lunavix Fri 22-Jul-05 15:11:40

I'm going! 4 in the morning!

compo Fri 22-Jul-05 15:12:31

really? You're mad!! Just go to George at Asda any day of the year!!!!

PrettyCandles Fri 22-Jul-05 15:12:33


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