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Man selling sperm on ebay

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moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:25:18

He says its all above board. I think its a bit dodgy myself. What do you think? here it is

Raspberry Fri 22-Jul-05 12:36:48

If you bid over £50 do you get a free turkey baster?

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:37:43

Just spat my tea out!!!!!

woollybaalamp Fri 22-Jul-05 12:38:02


No chance.

QueenEagle Fri 22-Jul-05 12:39:17

How do you know he hasn't got some kind of STD? No-one in their right mind would buy it surely?

Raspberry Fri 22-Jul-05 12:39:44

Plus, how do you get a Tupperware in a Thermos flask? That's a pretty neat trick!

Aimsmum Fri 22-Jul-05 12:39:50

Message withdrawn

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:40:14

My thoughts exactly QE. What worries me is that there might BE someone who is desperate enough

DaddyCool Fri 22-Jul-05 12:41:04

what makes me laugh is currently the thread below is 'i'm finally going to put some stuff on ebay'

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:41:20

I love the way he describes the condition as "new"

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:42:10

Thats waht made me think of it DC!!! DP sent it to me this morning, as its going round his office apparently

jayzmummy Fri 22-Jul-05 12:42:47

That is sooooooo gross!

cazzybabs Fri 22-Jul-05 12:43:17

Not sperm in a thermus surley?

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:44:11

And I wouldnt sperm off a man who cant even spell conceive!!!

BigBumpBonnie Fri 22-Jul-05 12:44:45

why's he saying 'donate' sperm when he's started the bidding at £20??? I'm going to watch this one, surely no-one will buy it!

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:45:42

He's obvoiusly some sad wanker, excuse the pun.

Nbg Fri 22-Jul-05 12:46:07


moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 12:46:53

Theres me slagging off his spelling and then I go and spell obviously wrong. Dur [forehead slapping emoticon]

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 13:19:00

Ughm just read the bit about them being "alive and swimming" Who are these freaks???

singsong Fri 22-Jul-05 13:20:31

here's another one here

MascaraOHara Fri 22-Jul-05 13:23:34

yuk, yuk, yuk yuk! STDs just for a start!!

how much is it on for, daren't click on link as am at work!

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 13:24:26

Thats even worse, his is only £1. I bet they need armbands at that price!!!!!!!

woollybaalamp Fri 22-Jul-05 13:25:05

£20 p&p!!!

woollybaalamp Fri 22-Jul-05 13:25:53

He can't spell conceive either. Or their.

"Young strapping lad" - yeuch!

moozoboozo Fri 22-Jul-05 13:27:35

I bet he's some skinny spotty nerd with too much (ahem) time on his hands.

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